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Coleridge’s Laws

Barry Hough
Howard Davis


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1We would like to express our gratitude to the British Academy without whose financial support this book would not have been possible. Dr Elinor Shaffer’s keen interest in the project not only saw it through its early gestation but it also continued to guide, enrich and challenge our work as it progressed. Dr Michael John Kooy’s interest, advice and enthusiasm have also been great encouragement to us. We are particularly delighted that he accepted an invitation to write the Introduction to this book. The staff of the National Library of Malta, Valletta, and the National Archive of Malta, Rabat, have also shown us kindness and tireless assistance in locating sources. Dr Maroma Camillieri, Dr Charles Farrugia, and Dr Joseph Amodio have each provided us with tireless and valuable assistance. Richard Ireland and Robert Ireland each of the University of Wales, Aberystwyth also provided their scholarly expertise in interpreting some of the obscure Latin used in some of the witness statements. Our thanks are also due to Craig Willox of the Department of Law, Bournemouth University, for his assistance with the manuscript.


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