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Ovid, Metamorphoses, 3.511-733

Ingo Gildenhard
Andrew Zissos


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1The present volume joins other commentaries in the OBP Classics Textbook Series, which is designed to offer support and stimulation to student-readers. We would like to express our gratitude to Alessandra Tosi for her patience throughout a longer gestation period than she must have initially hoped for and Inge Gildenhard for supplying the illustrations. A special thanks goes to John Henderson, who twice, virtually overnight, supplied us per litteras with copious notes of nonpareil insight. We have incorporated a number of his notes into the Introduction and the Commentary, attributing these simply to ‘John Henderson’ (to be distinguished from A. A. R. Henderson, whose commentary on Metamorphoses 3 we occasionally cite as ‘Henderson 1979’). He tried his best to inject the project with an appropriate dose of Dionysiac spirit, and if readers don’t find the final product as tipsy as it ought to be, the blame’s on us.


2 Note on translations: unless indicated otherwise, translations of Greek and Latin texts are from the Loeb Classical Library, often somewhat modified.

Statue of Ovid in Constanţa, Romania.​wiki/​File:Constanta_-_Ovid-Platz_-_Statue_des_Ovid.jpg

Table des illustrations

Légende Statue of Ovid in Constanţa, Romania.​wiki/​File:Constanta_-_Ovid-Platz_-_Statue_des_Ovid.jpg
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