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Economic Fables

Ariel Rubinstein


Texte intégral

1Many people assisted me. Eli Zvuluny, Dina Zafriri, Dan Raveh, Yehudah Meltzer, Yuval Salant, Michal Yafet, Noga Dim, Uzi Segal, Adi Raveh, Kobi Glazer, Rani Spiegler, Tair Shachner-Rochman and Tami Chapnik-Harel contributed with their comments. Eli Zvuluny built the book’s website. Yanek Yuntaf designed the cover of the original edition. Thank you all.

2Many thanks to the two who were involved in the translation process: Ira Moskowitz and Alan Hercberg.

3Special thanks go to two people:

4To Alma Cohen-Vardi, the editor of the original Hebrew edition of the book, who treated the text gently, corrected and improved it with unfailing patience.

5To Ayala Arad, who accompanied the writing of the book with wise advice, incisive criticism and words of encouragement.


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