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Verdi in Victorian London

Massimo Zicari


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1The publication of this book was made possible thanks to the support of the Fondazione Fabio Schaub. My special thanks go to Mrs. Pia Schaub, whose generosity was pivotal in funding this book.

2I want to express my gratitude to Hubert Eiholzer, Head of Research and Vice Director of the Scuola Universitaria di Musica (Lugano, Switzerland) for granting me the intellectual freedom necessary to carry out the research which has kept me deeply absorbed for many years.

3Although a lonely enterprise, this volume was brought to a close with the help of many people. I would like to thank Alessandra Tosi and the editorial team of Open Book Publishers for the unflagging enthusiasm with which they welcomed my proposal and guided me through the challenges that such an undertaking involved. My thanks go to Katherine Ellis, who was director of the Institute of Musical Research, School of Advanced Study, University of London in 2009, when I started investigating this topic as Visiting Fellow there. Other musicologists have provided me with invaluable help, even unwittingly, by giving me advice on sources, singers and many other related questions. Special thanks go to Marco Capra, Director of CIRPeM (Centro Internazionale di Ricerca sui Periodici Musicali), Emanuele Senici, Marco Beghelli and Dorottya Fabian.

4This book originates from a doctoral dissertation completed at the Faculté des Lettres, l’Université de Fribourg (Switzerland) which I defended on 12 March 2015. I am grateful to my supervisor Luca Zoppelli, to the second referee Alessandro Roccatagliati and to the president of the jury, Dimiter Daphinoff, for their incisive comments.

5This book is dedicated to my children, Camilla and Samuele.
Lugano, February 2016


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