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Economic Fables

I had the good fortune to grow up in a wonderful area of Jerusalem, surrounded by a diverse range of people: Rabbi Meizel, the communist Sala Marcel, my widowed Aunt Hannah, and the intellectual Yaacovson. As far as I'm concerned, the opinion of such people is just as authoritative for making social and economic decisions as the opinion of an expert using a model.

Part memoir, part crash-course in economic theory, this deeply engaging book by one of the world's foremost economists l...

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  • Editore : Open Book Publishers
  • Collana : OBP collection
  • Luogo di pubblicazione : Cambridge
  • Anno di pubblicazione : 2012
  • Pubblicato su OpenEdition Books : 20 décembre 2012
  • EAN (edizione cartacea) : 9781906924775
  • EAN digitale : 9781906924799
  • Numero di pagine : 255 p.


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