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A Time Travel Dialogue

John W. Carroll

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1This book contains animated graphs. If your device supports MP4 video files, please click on the image to trigger the animation. If you are reading a printed edition, or on a device that does not support videos, please scan the QR code in the relevant footnote or visit to watch the animations.

21.1 The Unanticipated Results 5

31.2 The Anticipated Results 7

41.3 Backwards Causation? 9

52.1 A Time-Traveling Psi-Lepton? 15

62.2 Willie Slips Up 23

74.1 A Causal Loop? 47

84.2 The Really Weird Results 54

95.1 The Life of Tad 60

105.2 An Ordinary Psi-Lepton: No Time Travel 64

115.3 A Time-Traveling Psi-Lepton as seen from the Departure Branch? 65

125.4 The Disregarded Results 66

135.5 A Time-Traveling Psi-Lepton as seen from the Arrival Branch? 68

145.6 Trigger-On Departure, Trigger-Off Arrival, as seen from the Arrival Branch? 70

155.7 A Challenge for Tad’s Multi-Dimensional Hypothesis 73


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