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What Works in Conservation 2021

William Junior Sutherland
Lynn V. Dicks
Silviu O. Petrovan
et al.

14. Marine and freshwater mammal conservation

14.11 Habitat restoration and creation

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Unknown effectiveness

Restore habitat for marine and freshwater mammals

1One study evaluated the effects of restoring habitat for marine mammals. The study was in the Kattegat sea (Denmark).



4Abundance (1 study): One before-and-after study in the Kattegat sea found that harbour porpoise activity increased at a stony reef after it was restored with boulders and fishing was prohibited.


6Assessment: unknown effectiveness (effectiveness 55 %; certainty 30 %; harms 0 %).​actions/​2920

No evidence found (no assessment)

7We have captured no evidence for the following interventions:

  • Create artificial habitat for marine and freshwater mammals

  • Leave anthropogenic structures in place after decommissioning.

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