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Tellings and Texts

Francesca Orsini
Katherine Butler Schofield

List of Illustrations

Texte intégral

15.1 (L) Jnaneshwari Stamp, issued in 1990 to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the composition of the Jñāneśvarī; (R) “Saint Dnyaneshwar” stamp, issued in 1997 in memory of Jnaneswhar/Jnandev. Public Domain. 171

25.2 Namdev Performing a Kirtan, folio from a nineteenth-century publication of Mahipati’s eighteenth-century biography [1890]. Public Domain. 173

35.3 Four typical badas or “notebooks” in the collection of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute. Author’s photograph, CC BY. 175

45.4 Transcript of a kirtan from a Marathi bada, c. eighteenth century. Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute. Author’s photograph, CC BY. 178

55.5 A representative page from Lohiya, K. 1997. Kirtan mārga darśikā (Pune: Sharada Sahitya), pp. 194-95. All rights reserved. 179

65.6 (L) section is taken from the Śrī Nāmdev gāthā (1970), p. 343; (R) is taken from the Bhaktavijay 1996 [1762], pp. 164-65. Image by the author, CC BY. 181

78.1 Dapha group performing in Suryamarhi Square, Bhaktapur. September 2007. Author’s photograph, CC BY. 233

88.2 Raga Lalit. Bhaktapur, early seventeenth century. Photograph by Gert-Matthias Wegner, CC BY. 235

98.3 Dapha group performing at the Taleju temple, Kathmandu, in 1664. Detail of a painting now in the ColleÌge de France, Paris. Author’s sketch, CC BY. 237

108.4 Ganamani. Dattatreya Navadapha songbook, song no. 63 (fol. 20r-20v). Public Domain. 239

118.5 One side of the Bhairav Navadapha group performing on the first day of Biskah, Tahmarhi Square, Bhaktapur. The chariot of Bhairav is visible behind the singers. April 2003. Author’s photograph, CC BY. 244


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