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Tellings and Texts

Francesca Orsini
Katherine Butler Schofield

Note on Dating Systems

Texte intégral

1This volume necessarily makes reference to four discrete calendrical systems.

2Where otherwise unmarked, we use the Common/Christian Era (Anno Domini), denoted “CE”.

3The Islamic calendar (denoted “AH”: Anno Hegirae, or Hijri year), commenced in the year 622 CE. A lunar calendar, it does not correspond directly to the Gregorian Calendar, and the year 2015 CE is 1436-37 AH. The Vikram Samvat calendar, denoted “VS”, is between 56-57 years ahead of the Common Era, thus 2015 CE covers 2071-72 VS.

4Finally, the Banggabda or Bengali Calendar, denoted “BA”, is between 593-94 years behind the Common Era, thus 2015 CE is 1421-22 BA.

5Both VS and BA are solar calendars, but do not begin in January, so there is no precise overlap with CE.


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