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A Handbook and Reader of Ottoman Arabic

Esther-Miriam Wagner

II. Reader

10. A Jew’s testimony regarding a statement made in his presence by a Muslim, testified on Monday 20th Kislev 5418 (1657)1

Werner Diem

Texte intégral


  • 1  Published in Diem (2014, 9–10). Reproduced from the journal Mediterranean Language Review with kin (...)

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Arabic Transcription


2What do (2) you think about Jacob? Seriously, I was very sad about him, as (3) were his sister and wife, and even more. On the day when the (4) news reached (us) that he had not returned (home), I went to look (for him) near al-Basātīn. (5) While I was walking, one of the Muslims, a friend of mine, a seller of milk, met me. (6) Jacob and I had frequented his house when we wanted sweets. (7) The Muslim milkman said: “O Ḥajj Muḥ (ammad), what are you doing (8) here?” I said to him: “Don’t you know that Jacob, my friend, went out (9) yesterday night to bury little girls, he went and did not come back.” Then the milkman (10) said to me “Come with me! We’ll go and look for him!” So we went to look, (11) but did not find him. On the next day, the milkman came carrying milk (12) in order to sell it here. He said to me: “I saw two who had been struck down, with broken (13) hands and feet, and blood oozing from their heads.” When the milkman looked down on them, (14) he recognised Jacob. So, he said to me: “Come with me! (15) I will show them to you.” Then the milkman and I went to look for them, but we did not find them.


1  Published in Diem (2014, 9–10). Reproduced from the journal Mediterranean Language Review with kind permission of the editor, Prof. Matthias Kappler.

2  Image 100000000000003C0000001DFB4C18DFEC1FE3D3.jpgforImage 10000000000000350000001CA2D067D6016FD2FF.jpgṣuʿub.

3  3Image 100000000000003C0000001C37BD931EB635EF49.jpgforImage 100000000000003600000018A3224BAA71219054.jpg.

4  Image 100000000000001C0000001AC9DD906F134F96E8.jpghere fi- (< fa-).


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