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God's Babies

John McKeown


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1This book could not have been completed without help from many people. Many thanks to David Clough, Celia Deane-Drummond, Eric Christianson, and John Bimson for help and encouragement during research. Thanks also to Kristin Johnston Largen, Tom Greggs, and my proof-reader Karen Vincent. The staff of Open Book Publishers in Cambridge have helped greatly in turning the text into a book: my thanks to Alessandra Tosi, Catherine Heygate, Bianca Gualandi, and Rupert Gatti.

2The University of Chester generously provided the bursary which enabled the years of research for this book. Thanks also to friends in the John Ray Initiative, a group linking Christianity, science and environmental issues, for their support. Also thanks to Peter Francis, warden of the Saint Deiniol’s Library (now Gladstone’s Library) which awarded me the Richard L. Hills Scholarship. My thanks are also due to staff at university libraries in Cheltenham, Chester, Oxford, at Tyndale House in Cambridge, and to Michael Gale at the Queen’s Foundation.

3This book is part-funded by a Kickstarter campaign (, which ended on 8 October 2014. Generous supporters have helped offset the Open Access publisher’s costs and thanks are due to the following people: Dr. Anthony Hereward, Dr. Caitlin Kight, Helen Haran, Richard Grossman, Karin Kuhlemann, Derek McKeown, Professor Tom Tregenza, Ruth O’Brien, Ben Toulson, Dr. Andrew Cowley, Caroline Pomeroy, Dr. Ian McKeown, Emily Herberich, Dr. Matthias Becher, Colin Bell, and Samuel T. Dangremond.

4Finally, this book is dedicated to my wife Lynda whose encouragement over the years has made this possible.


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