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Politics and the Environment in Eastern Europe

Eszter Krasznai Kovacs

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Chapter 2

1. Direct action of LJM in 2017 (occupying the mine). Photograph by Majda Slámová (2017). 65
2. Blockade of main roads in the centre of Prague, action of XR in 2019. Photograph by Petr Zewlakk Vrabec (2019). 69

Chapter 3

1. Front banner of the march leaving Klimakemp in 2018 reads: “Do not change the climate, change ourselves. End coal.” Photograph courtesy of Petr Vrabec (2018). 80
2. Group picture at Obóz dla Klimatu in solidarity with Pride in Bialystok. Earlier that day, on 20 July 2019, the Pride march was violently attacked. Photograph courtesy of Ewa Bielańczyk-Obst (2019). 90

Chapter 4

1. Empty area in Mokotow district in the vicinity of a housing estate about to be developed. Photograph by the author (2017). 98
2. Jazdow community garden. Photograph by the author (2018). 100
3. The green space of Jazdow. Photograph by the author (2018). 107

Chapter 6

1. The Fangs (or Sharp Rocks) of the Buck, where the Israeli helicopter crashed. Photograph by Alexandra Cotofana (2010). 144
2. St Andrew’s Cave in Dobrogea, Southern Romania. Photograph by Statache Marian (2014), Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 3.0 RO,​wiki/​File:Pestera_Sf._Apostol_Andrei_1.jpg. 148
3. The Roman Empire in the first century AD. Photograph by Hpdeparture (2019), Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 4.0,​wikipedia/​commons/​4/​45/​Dacia.png. 149
4. The Ottoman Empire in 1683. Photograph by Atilim Gunes Baydin (2011), Wikimedia, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:OttomanEmpireIn1683.png. 151
5. The Sphinx, one of the many rock formations atop the Bucegi Massif, linked to occult beliefs. Photograph by Sorin Besnea (2013), Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,​wikipedia/​commons/​thumb/​0/​0e/​Sfinx_-_Bucegi.jpg/​800px-Sfinx_-_Bucegi.jpg. 156

Chapter 8

1. Abandoned land in the Southern Carpathian Mountains. Photograph by George Iordăchescu (2019). 191
2. Rudari permanent settlement. Photograph by George Iordăchescu (2018). 201

Chapter 9

1. Map of the wine regions of Hungary (purple), with the Tokaj wine region in red. Image by the author (2020). 215
2. Map of the territories showcased in the Bormedence wine festival; contemporary Hungary is in dark gray, while the lighter gray area represents pre-Trianon (1920) or “Greater Hungary”. Wine regions are located in contemporary Slovakia (green shades), Romania (yellow), Serbia (orange), Croatia (blue), Slovenia (red) and Austria (teal). Image by the author (2021). 224
3. Greeting arrivals at the Tokaj train station, this image of Greater Hungary (darker, with current Hungary superimposed in lighter stone) reads, “We believe in the resurrection of Hungary!”. Photograph by the author (2015). 225
4. Training vines to cordons, Tarcal, April 2017. Photograph by the author (2017). 228
5. Touring a mid-size Tokaji winery, June 2015. Traditional stake training (foreground) requires hefty manual labour (occasionally horse-drawn plows are used), as well as financial investment where terraces are not pre-existing. Photograph by the author (2015). 230
6. Surveying the Meleg oldal ( “Warm Side”) vineyard with Dani, June 2015. Wide spacings between vertical rows, popular since the mid-twentieth century, allow for mechanisation and would require large financial commitments to transform. Photograph by Dan Adams (2015). 231

Chapter 11

1. Threshing in Gaj. Photograph by the author (2014). 269
2. Household in Gaj. Photograph by the author (2013). 274
3. Family greenhouse. Photograph by the author (2017). 276

Chapter 12

1. Sunset in Nagypatak. Photogaph by Lujza Nényei (2016). 283
2. Reed Stacks by the village. One of the local social enterprise ideas was to potentially use this abundant natural reed for weaving baskets or furniture. Photograph by Lujza Nényei (2016). 287
3. A few of George’s hives, the successful apiary enterprise in a neighbouring village. Photograph by Zsüli Fehér (2018). 295
4. Zsüli in gear working with the hives at George’s apiary. Photograph by Zsüli Fehér (2018). 299

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