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Politics and the Environment in Eastern Europe

Eszter Krasznai Kovacs


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1This book became possible because of the generous support of the Leverhulme Trust through an Early Career Research Fellowship, which during my time at the Department of Geography at the University of Cambridge was also financed by the Newton Trust. The time and independence of thought won for research through such grants is incalculable. Workshops and conferences were also enabled through a British Academy Small Grant.

2I would like to thank Eszter Kelemen, György Pataki, Jessica Hope, Tatiana Thieme and Bill Adams for their comments and conversations on earlier drafts and iterations of some of the arguments presented here.

3I will also never forget how the final versions of these chapters took shape, as bubbles of time unpredictably won during little Sophie’s naps. I am very thankful for the understanding, patience and kindness shown by all the contributors and supporters to this volume during this time.

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