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Technology, Media Literacy, and the Human Subject

Richard S. Lewis


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1Writing this book made it abundantly clear to me how very un-solitary the process of writing is. This is not a work by an ‘individual’, but rather an assemblage of people, ideas, collaborations, support, and love from both humans and non-humans. Two people who have had a major hand in shaping this book—Yoni Van Den Eede and Joke Bauwens—were generous in both their support and criticism, encouraging my diverse interests while also gently keeping me from veering too far off my own path. Their critical feedback has been invaluable in keeping my words and ideas on track. I am also indebted to my colleagues Cathy Adams, Alberto Romele, Laurence Claeys, and Marc Van Den Bossche for their insightful feedback and guidance in the shaping of this work.

2I am deeply grateful to my wife, Marieke, who has supported me emotionally, financially, and academically. From her authentically loving self to her brilliance as an editor, she has encouraged me throughout this adventure. I also thank my children, Eli and Georgia, for their support and encouragement for me to leave the country for four-plus years in order to pursue my dream of living overseas. As well, I thank my parents and extended parents (Erlene and Robert, Bill and Charlie, and Helene and Donald), whose love, upbringing, friendship, and continual financial support have helped immensely. I am also blessed with two wonderful siblings, Mark who courageously and creatively also has leaped into the unknown and followed his entrepreneurial dreams, and LJ whose own passion for living an authentic life, as well as their academic brilliance, inspire me and give me confidence to pursue my own eclectic interests whole-heartedly. I am also indebted to my cousin Teri and her son Colby for rescuing me with some last minute design work.

3I thank my wonderful colleagues in several research departments (CEMESO/ECHO and ETHU) at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel as well as the ETHICS group (EA 7446) at the Catholic University of Lille who have inspired, supported, and challenged me. I want to thank all those who provided feedback during my many conference presentations, as well as all the conversations that I have had with colleagues from the field of philosophy of technology and posthumanism. I am thankful for the generous financial support of Prescott College, the Communications Sciences department at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, the Catholic University of Lille, and the Region Hauts-de-France. My hope is that through all of this support the ideas developed in this book can help contribute to making the world a better place by helping us dance with the technologies in our lives with more intentionality and awareness.


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