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Shaping the Digital Dissertation

Virginia Kuhn
Anke Finger


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1Virginia Kuhn began this collection several years before its publication, enlisting the help of Kathie Gosset as co-editor. Both realized their time was limited, but they also felt the need for this collection quite strongly. Just when Kathie’s schedule made her continuing involvement untenable, Virginia was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer making the whole enterprise seem doomed to remain incomplete. With Virginia’s strong recovery, the addition of Anke Finger, one of the collection’s authors, as co-editor, the patience of our contributors and the good will of this Press, we are proud to see this collection come to fruition.

2Over the course of shaping this project into a book, a number of colleagues and institutions have been immensely supportive. Virginia would like to thank Kathie Gossett, the value of whose early work molding the volume cannot be overstated. Her chapter, co-authored with Liza Potts, is a vital addition to this collection. Virginia would also like to thank her colleagues and graduate students whose careful thinking, pedagogical excellence and collegiality have provided a sounding board and intellectual home for the many years since she defended her own digital dissertation in 2005.

3Anke Finger would like to thank the Humanities Institute at the University of Connecticut for their generous support of this book project. She is immensely grateful to all graduate students who have embarked on explorations within digital scholarship, and who worked towards making Digital Humanities and Media Studies a lasting initiative, together with many colleagues within and beyond UConn. The creativity and curiosity have been and continue to be enormously inspiring; the same is the case for everyone involved with this volume, the contributors and, most particularly, Virginia Kuhn. May the final product inspire more cutting-edge work in the future.

4 We would also like to thank Alessandra Tosi and the team from Open Book Publishers, who made this process a transparent and ethical one. Their professionalism and warmth demonstrate that excellence and humanity are not mutually exclusive; rather they serve each other. We extend our particular gratitude to Adèle Kreager for her careful, insightful and prompt editing; Adèle made the process quite painless during what is an unprecedented moment in human history.


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