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A Victorian Curate

David Yeandle


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Select Works by John Hunt

[Hunt, John], Clergymen Made Scarce. Five Years’ Experience as a Curate in the Diocese of London: A Letter to the Right Hon. and Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of the Diocese by a Presbyter. Second Edition, with a Postscript, Containing Two Years’ Further Experience in the Country (London: Hall & Company, 1867),

Hunt, John, An Essay on Pantheism (London: Longmans, Green, Reader and Dyer, 1866),

Hunt, John, Contemporary Essays in Theology (London: Strahan, 1873),

Hunt, John, Pantheism and Christianity (London: W Isbister, 1884),

Hunt, John, ed., Poems by Robert Wilde D.D., One of the Ejected Ministers of 1662, with a Historical and Biographical Preface and Notes by the Rev. John Hunt (London: Strahan, 1870),

Hunt, John, Religious Thought in England, from the Reformation to the End of Last Century: A Contribution To…, 3 vols (London: Strahan & Co., 1870), i,

Hunt, John, Religious Thought in England, from the Reformation to the End of Last Century, 3 vols (London, Strahan, 1871), ii, t

Hunt, John, Religious Thought in England from the Reformation to the End of Last Century, 3 vols (Strahan & Co., 1873), iii,

Hunt, John, Religious Thought in England in the Nineteenth Century (London, Gibbings & Co., limited, 1896), t

Hunt, John, ‘Review of Horatius Bonar, The Life of the Rev. John Milne of Perth’, Contemporary Review 10 (1869), 456–460, pt?id=uc1.b2972914&view=1up&seq=466

Hunt, John, Select Poems: From the German, translated by John Hunt (Preston: H. C. Barton, 1852),

Hunt, John, The Two Sacraments. Two Sermons Preached in the Parish Church of S. Ives, August 5th, 1866, by the Rev. John Hunt, Curate, Second Edition, With an Appendix (St. Ives, Hunts: W. Lang, 1866), books?id=7MVQhNACKJwC&num=100

Hunt, John, Wesley and Wesleyanism: Three Lectures (London; Sunderland: Hamilton, Adams, and Company; Vint and Carr, 1858).

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