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Essays in Conveyancing and Property Law

Frankie McCarthy
James Chalmers
Stephen Bogle


Frankie McCarthy, James Chalmers et Stephen Bogle

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1Professor Robert Rennie held the Chair of Conveyancing at the University of Glasgow for 20 years prior to his retirement in July 2014. This collection of essays is a celebration of his extraordinary contribution to the development of Scots private law during that period. His many publications on the principles of property and professional negligence played an important role in shaping the rapid evolution of these areas of law over the past few decades, whilst simultaneously guiding practitioners through the new legal landscape which has resulted from those changes. In addition, his commitment and generosity as an educator has inspired generations of students, researchers and fellow academics.

2The essays in the collection have been written by Robert’s peers in the judiciary, academia and legal practice. We are delighted – though not surprised – that so many prestigious authors have been willing to honour Robert by sharing their own perspective on the legal issues which formed the focus of his work. We offer our thanks to all the contributors, particularly to Robert’s lifelong colleague and friend, Lord Bonomy, for his warm-hearted retrospective of Robert’s career to date.

3A special word of gratitude must also be extended to the Clark Foundation, whose generous support has made it possible for this volume to be published online. Robert has always been a strong proponent of the enhancement of legal practice through the use of new technology, and is committed to excellence in education. It seems most fitting, then, for this collection to benefit from the innovative open access publishing model which makes the research freely available to every student and practitioner of Scots law.


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