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A Victorian Curate

David Yeandle


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Fig. 1 John Hunt in middle age, c. 1878, courtesy of Mr John Hunt.

1 My interest in John Hunt began during the time when I was Organist and Choirmaster of All Saints’ Church, St Ives, Cambridgeshire (2001– 2011). In the course of my enquiry into previous clergy at the church, my attention was drawn by Mr Bob Burn-Murdoch, former Curator of the Norris Museum, St Ives, to the rare copy in that museum’s library of the booklet by the Rev. Dr John Hunt, entitled Clergymen Made Scarce, which contains manuscript annotations by Mrs Eliza Hunt. Mr Burn-Murdoch, who deserves my special thanks, kindly provided me with a copy of the text. I am further indebted to the staff of the Norris Museum for help with locating material and permission to reproduce images from the Museum.

2My thanks are due to all those who have provided me with information and materials for this book: Mr John Hunt, the great-great-nephew of the Rev. Dr John Hunt, for answering my questions and for providing me with a photograph of his ancestor, as well as a family tree and other relevant documents and photographs; Mr Clive Southgate of St Bartholomew’s Church, Otford, for providing me with information about John Hunt’s time as Vicar of Otford; Mr Edwin Thompson of the Otford and District Historical Society, who has been very accommodating in supplying me with several items of importance from the Otford and District Historical Society archive, including the text of Harold Hart’s pamphlet and several photographs of interest.

3This book has been published with the generous support of the Goodliff Fund of the Huntingdonshire Local History Society, to which I am deeply indebted.

4Finally, I should like to thank friends and others who have helped me with suggestions and information or read and commented on parts of the manuscript, in particular Dr Charles Beresford, Professor Nicholas Boyle, Mr Ian Dobson, Mrs Bridget Flanagan, Professor John Flood, Mr Peter Glazebrook, Mr Rolf Lunsmann, Dr Carol Regulski, and Mr James Warren.

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Légende Fig. 1 John Hunt in middle age, c. 1878, courtesy of Mr John Hunt.
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