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Acoustemologies in Contact

Emily Wilbourne
Suzanne G. Cusick

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Chapter 1

Fig. 1.1 Pierre-Michel Laure, Carte du domaine du Roy en Canada / dressée par le P. Laure, missionnaire jésuite, 1731, augmentée… et corrigée… en attendant un exemplaire complet l’automne 1732 (1732). Courtesy of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Public Domain,​ark:/12148/​btv1b84467273/​f1.item 18

Chapter 2

Fig. 2.1 ‘The manner in which the Mexicans dance’. Juan de Tovar, Historia de la venida de los indios (Ms., c. 1585), f. 58r. Courtesy of the John Carter Brown Library, CC BY-SA 4.0. 42
‘Jesós de mi gorazón’, mm. 1–31. [Villancico en] mestizo e indio a 4 [1610], AHAAO, CMGF, ff. 58v–59. 55
‘Xicochi conetzinle’, mm. 1–14. Otro [villancico] en indio [a 4, 1614], AHAAO, CMGF, ff. 217v–218r. 58
‘Ximoyolali, siñola’, mm. 20–40. [Villancico] en indio [a 5, 1611], AHAAO, CMGF, ff. 99v–100r. 59

Chapter 3

Fig. 3.1 Hand-colored woodcut depicting the water pageant at Elvetham, The Honourable Entertainment Given to the Queenes Majestie in Progresse at Eluetham in Hampshire, 1591. The Royal Collection / © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2020. 71
Fig. 3.2 ‘The Arrival of the Englishmen in Virginia’, Thomas Hariot, A Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia (Frankfurt: Typis Ioannis Wecheli, 1590), Plate II. Call #: STC 12786. Reproduced with permission of the Folger Shakespeare Library, CC BY-SA 4.0. 78

Chapter 4

Fig. 4.1 Plate 14 from Joseph-François Lafitau, Moeurs des Sauvages Américains, Compares aux Moeurs des Premiers Temps, Vol. 2 (Paris: Saugrain l’aîné, 1724): ‘Tortures of captives in North America’. Image courtesy of the Bibliothèque nationale de France, Public Domain,​ark:/12148/​btv1b86029431/​f339.item 98

Chapter 5

Fig. 5.1 ‘Revolt Aboard a Slave Ship, 1787’, Carl B. Wadstrom, An Essay on Colonization, particularly applied to the Western coast of Africa… in Two Parts (London: Harvey and Darton, 1794–1795), fold-out included in pocket attached to cover. Image courtesy of Slavery Images: A Visual Record of the African Slave Trade and Slave Life in the Early African Diaspora, Public Domain,​s/​slaveryimages/​item/​2060 116
Fig. 5.2 ‘Sales of twenty four negroes’. Antigua, 25 November 1765, a page from the account Book of the Brig Sally. Digitized by the Brown University Steering Committee on Slavery and Justice; image courtesy of the John Carter Brown Library. 126

Chapter 6

Fig. 6.1 First page of the poem, ASF, Mediceo del Principato, f. 6424, c.n.n. 140
Fig. 6.2 Baldassarre Franceschini (1611–1690), detto il Volterrano. Ritratto di suonatore di liuto con cantore moro (Panbollito e Giovannino moro); 1662. Oil on canvas: 95 x 144 cm. Private collection. Photo by DEA / G. NIMATALLAH / De Agostini via Getty Images. 146
Fig. 6.3 Anton Domenico Gabbiani (1652–1726). Ritratto di quattro servitori della corte medicea; c. 1684. Oil on canvas: 205 x 140 cm. Florence, Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Palazzo Pitti, inventario 1890 n. 3827. Used with permission of the Ministero per i beni e le attività culturali e per il Turismo; further reproduction or duplication of this image is not permitted. 147

Chapter 7

Fig. 7.1 Anon. [Pierre-Martial Cibot], Lettre de Pékin sur le génie de la langue chinoise (1773), Planche 9. Image courtesy of the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF), Public Domain,​ark:/12148/​bpt6k1054486p/​f121.image. 172
Fig. 7.2 From Kircher, China… Illustrata (1667), p. 229. Images courtesy of the BnF, Public Domain,​ark:/12148/​bpt6k111090s/​f259.image 177
Fig. 7.3 Manchu and Chinese names of the city of Mukden/Shengjing (盛京, modern-day Shenyang) written in thirty-two ‘ancient scripts’ in BnF, Mandchou 110 ‘Han-i araha Mukden-i fujurun bithe’ and BnF, Chinois 1578–1581 ‘Yu zhi sheng jing fu you xu 御製盛京賦有序’, the Chinese and Manchu version of Rhapsody of Mukden (1748) sent by the French Jesuit Jean-Joseph Marie Amiot. Images of the Manchu words are taken from each of the thirty-two fascicles of Mandchou 110, photographed by the author; images of the Chinese words are taken from each of the thirty-two fascicles of Chinois 1578–1581, courtesy of the BnF, Public Domain,​ark:/12148/​cc26060d 179
Fig. 7.4 The second and third stanzas of ‘Paths with Dew’ (行露), the sixth ‘local song’ from the ‘South of Shao’ (召南) region in Canon of Songs; English translations by Arthur Waley from The Book of Songs: The Ancient Chinese Classic of Poetry, ed. with additional translation by Joseph R. Allen, with foreword by Stephen Owen (New York: Grove Press, 1996), pp. 16–17. 189


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