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Tyneside Neighbourhoods

Daniel Nettle


Texte intégral

1It’s oh, but, aa ken well, ah, you me hinny burd,
The bonny lass of Benwell, ah, you, ah.
She’s lang-legged and mother-like, ah, you hinny burd
See her raking up the dyke, ah, you, ah.

2The Quayside for sailors, ah, you me hinny burd,
The Castle Garth for tailors, ah, you, ah.
The Gateshead Hills for millers, ah, you hinny burd,
The North Shore for keelers, ah, you, ah.

3There’s Sandgate for owld rags, ah, you, me hinny burd,
And Gallowgate for trolley bags; ah, you, ah.
There’s Denton and Kenton, ah you, hinny burd,
And canny Langbenton, ah, you, ah.

4There’s Tynemouth and Cullercoats, ah, you me hinny burd,
And North Shields for sculler boats; ah, you, ah.
There’s Westoe lies in a neuk, ah, you hinny burd,
And South Shields the place for seut, ah, you, ah.

5There’s Horton and Hollywell, ah, you me hinny burd
And bonny Seaton Delaval; ah, you ah.
Hartley Pans for sailors, ah, you hinny burd
And Bedlington for nailers, ah, you ah.

6Traditional Tyneside song


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