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A Musicology of Performance

Dorottya Fabian

Discography of Recordings Studied1

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Bach, Johann Sebastian: Sonatas and Partitas for Unaccompanied Violin

  • 1 Date Refers to Release.

1Barton Pine, Rachel (1999). Complete set. Concert – WFMT 98.7 FM Broadcast, Chicago [recording sourced from the artist].

2Barton Pine, Rachel (2004). Baroque bow. G minor Sonata, D minor Partita. Cedille 90000 078.

3Barton Pine, Rachel (2007). Baroque bow. Complete set. Concert, Montreal Chamber Music Festival: ‘The majesty of Bach: The complete six Sonatas and Partitas’, May 12, 2007 [private recording sourced from the artist].

4Beznosiuk, Pavlo (2011 (Rec. 2007)). Baroque violin. Complete set. Linn Records CKD 366.

5Brooks, Brian (2001). Baroque violin. Complete set. Arts Music 47581-2.

6Buswell, James (1995 (Rec. 1989). Centaur CRC 2147/48.

7Edinger, Christiane (1991). ‘Sonatas and Partitas Volume 2’, D minor partita, C Major sonata, E Major Partita. NAXOS 8.55057.

8Ehnes, James (1999). Complete set. Analekta Fleurs de lys FL 23147-8.

9Faust, Isabelle (2010). ‘Sonatas and Partitas BWV 1004-1006 Volume 1’, D minor, C Major, E Major. Harmonia Mundi HMC 902059 [vol. 2 issued in 2012: HMC 902124].

10Fischer, Julia (2005). Complete set. PentaTone Classics 5186072.

11Gähler, Rudolf (1999). Curved ‘Bach-bow’. Complete set. Arte Nova Classics 74321 67501-2.

12Gringolts, Ilya (2001). ‘Bach’, B minor Partita, A minor Sonata, E Major Partita. Deutsche Grammophone DG 474 235-2.

13Hahn, Hilary (1999). D minor Partita, C Major Sonata, E Major Partita. SONY SK 62793.

14Holloway, John (2006 (Rec. 2004)). Baroque violin. Complete set. ECM New Series 1909/10 B0007621-02.

15Huggett, Monica (1995). Baroque violin. Complete set. Virgin Veritas 5452052.

16Ibragimova, Alina (2009). Complete set. Hyperion CDA67691/2.

17Khachatryan, Sergey (2010). Complete set. Naïve V5181.

18Kremer, Gidon (1980). Complete set. Philips 416651-2.

19Kremer, Gidon (2005). Complete set. ECM New Series 1926/27.

20Kuijken, Sigiswald (1983 (Rec. 1981)). Baroque violin. Complete set. Deutsche Harmonia Mundi DHM 77043.

21Kuijken, Sigiswald (2001). Baroque violin. Complete set. Deutsche Harmonia Mundi DHM 5472775272.

22Lev, Lara (2001). ‘Bach: Sonatas and Partitas Volume 2’, D minor partita, C Major Sonata, E Major Partita. Finlandia Records, Warner Classics APEX 092-4808-2.

23Luca, Sergiu (1977). Baroque violin. Complete set. Nonesuch 7559-73030-2.

24Matthews, Ingrid (2001 (Rec. 1997)). Baroque violin. Complete set. Centaur CRC 2472/2473.

25Mintz, Shlomo (1984). Complete set. Deutsche Grammophone DG 413810-2.

26Mullova, Viktoria (1990 (Rec. 1987)). B minor Partita. Philips 420948.

27Mullova, Viktoria (1992-3). Three Partitas. Philips 4757451.

28Mullova, Viktoria (2009 (Rec. 2007-2008)). Baroque bow. Complete set. Onyx 4040.

29Perlman, Itzhak (1986). Complete set. EMI Classics 7 49483 2.

30Podger, Rachel (1999). Baroque violin. Complete set. Channel Classics CCS 12198.

31Poppen, Christoph (2000). Baroque violin. D minor Partita. ‘Morimur.’ ECM 1765.

32Poulet, Gerard (1996). Complete set. Arion 268296.

33Ricci, Ruggiero (1988). Concert: A minor Sonata, D minor Partita. ‘Ricci: Celebrating Six Decades on Stage’. One-Eleven URS 92033.

34Ricci, Ruggiero (1991). Concert: B minor Partita. ‘Ricci: Celebrating Six Decades on Stage’. One-Eleven URS 92033.

35Schmid, Benjamin (1999). Complete set. Arte Nova 74321 72113 2.

36Schröder, Jaap (2005 (Rec. 1985)). Baroque violin. Complete set. NAXOS 8.557563-64.

37Shumsky, Oskar (1983). Complete set. Musical Heritage Society Recording ASV ALHB 306. [According to a NIMBUS 2010 release (NI2557), the original recording was made in 1979 by Amreco Inc.]

38St John, Lara (2007 (Rec. 2006-7)). Complete set. Ancalagon AR 132.

39Szenthelyi, Miklós (2002). Complete set. Hungaroton HCD 32071-72.

40Tetzlaff, Christian (1996). Complete set. Virgin Veritas 545089-2.

41Tetzlaff, Christian (2005). Complete set. Virgin Classics 545668-2.

42Tognetti, Richard (2005). Complete set. ABC Classics 476 8051.

43van Dael, Lucy (1996). Baroque violin. Complete set. NAXOS 8.554423.

44Wallfisch, Elizabeth (1997). Baroque violin. Complete set. Hyperion Dyad CDD 22009.

45Zehetmair, Thomas (1984). Complete set. Teldec 903176138-2.

Other Recordings Mentioned

Bach, Johann Sebastian: Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin (BWV1001-1006)

46Enescu, George (1999 (Rec. ca. 1949)). Instituto Discografico Italiano IDIS 328/29.

47Menuhin, Yehudi (1989 (Rec. 1934-6)). EMI Reference (mono) CHS 763035 2.

48Montanari, Stefano (2012 (Rec. 2011)). Amadeus Elite Paragon DDD AMS 108/109-2 SIAE.

Bach, Johann Sebastian: Selected Sonatas and Partitas

49Busch, Adolf (1994 (Rec. 1929)). Partita in D minor. EMI Japan TOCE 6781-97.

50Busch, Adolf (1983 (Rec. 1934)). G minor Sonata. Danacord DACO 136.

51Huberman, Borislav (1997 (Rec. 1942)). Partita in D minor. Arbiter 105.

52Heifetz, Jascha (1992 (Rec. 1935)). Sonata in G minor, Sonata in C Major, Partita in D minor. EMI References CDH 7 64494 2.

53Szigeti, Joseph (1999 (Rec. 1927-1933)). Sonata in G minor, Sonata in A minor. Biddulph LAB 153.

Bach, Johann Sebastian: Goldberg Variations BWV 988

54Gould, Glenn (1992 (Rec. 1955)). Sony SMK 52685.

55Gould, Glenn (1981). CBS DBL 37779.

56Leonhardt, Gustav (1992 (Rec. 1953)). Vanguard OVC 2004.

57Leonhardt, Gustav (1995 (Rec. 1965)). Teldec DAW 4509-97994-2.

58Leonhardt, Gustav (1990 (Rec. 1978)). Deutsche Harmonia Mundi GD 77149.

Bach, Johann Sebastian: Various Other Works

59Accompanied Violin Sonatas (BWV 1014-1023). James Ehnes violin, Luc Beauséjour harpsichord, with Benoit Loiselle cello (2008 (Rec. 2004-2005)). Analekta AN 2 2016-7.

60Accompanied Violin Sonatas (BWV 1014-1023). Viktoria Mullova violin, Ottavio Dantone harpsichord and organ, with Vittorio Ghielmi viola da gamba and Luca Pianca lute (2007). Onyx 4020.

61Brandenburg Concertos Nos. 1-6 (BWV 1046-1051), soloistic recording with Sigiswald Kuijken violin, Frans Brüggen recorder, Anner Bijlsma cello, and Gustav Leonhardt harpsichord, among others (1999 (Rec. 1976-1977)). Sony Essential Classics SBK 61814-5.

62Mass in B minor (BWV 232), Harnoncourt, Nikolaus conductor, Concentus Music Wien, Wiener Sängerknaben, Chorus Viennensis (1994 (Rec. 1968)). Teldec DAW 4509-95517-2.

63Mass in B minor (BWV 232), Harnoncourt, Nikolaus conductor, Concentus Musicus Wien, Arnold Schoenberg Chor (1995 (Rec. 1986)). Teldec 2292-42676-2.

64St Matthew Passion (BWV 244), Harnoncourt, Nikolaus conductor, Concentus Musicus Wien et al. (1994 (Rec. 1971). Teldec DAW 2292-42509-2.

65Six Suites for Solo Cello (BWV 1007-1012), Wispelwey, Pieter (2012). Compact Disk Recording with DVD documentary. Evil Penguin Records Classics EPRC 0012.

66Six Suites for Solo Cello (BWV 1007-1012), Angela East (2009 (Rec. 2001-2004)). Red Priest Recording RP006 2009.

67Six Suites for Solo Cello (BWV 1007-1012), David Watkin (2015 (Rec. 2013)). Resonus Limited RES10147.

68Bach — Violin and Voice (2010). Hilary Hahn violin, Mattias Goerne and Christine Schäfer voice, Munich Chamber Orchestra, Alexander Liebreich conductor. Deutsche Grammophon 477 8092.

Beethoven, Ludwig van: Violin Sonatas

69Complete set. Rachel Barton Pine violin and Matthew Hagle piano (2005). Concert broadcast by WFMT Radio. Chicago [sourced from the artist].

70Complete set. Isabelle Faust violin and Alexander Melnikov piano (2009). Harmonia Mundi 902025-27.

71Complete set. Viktoria Mullova violin and Kristian Bezuidenhout piano (2010). Onyx 4050.

72Complete set. Sophie Mutter violin and Lambert Orkis piano (1998). Deutsche Grammophon DG 457 623-2.

73Sonatas Op. 23 and Op. 30 No. 2. Daniel Sepec violin and Andreas Staier piano (2006). Harmonia Mundi 901919.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

74Sonatas for Fortepiano and Violin (3 vols). Malcolm Bilson fortepiano, Sergiu Luca classical violin (1985). Nonesuch Digital 9 79112.

75Violin Concerto No. 5 in A Major (K219), Andrew Manze violin, The English Concert (2006). Harmonia Mundi HMU 807385.

76Violin Concerto No. 5 in A Major (K219), Hilary Hahn violin, Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen, Paavo Järvi conductor (2015). Deutsche Grammophon 0289 479 3956 6 CD DDD GH.


77All’Improviso, L’Arpeggiata, Christina Pluhar (2004). Alpha Productions Alpha 512.

78American Virtuosa: Tribute to Maud Powell (Miscellaneous works), Rachel Barton Pine violin, Matthew Hagle piano (2007). Cedille 9000 097.

79Inspired by Bach: The Cello Suites, Yo Yo Ma in collaborations with other non-musician artists (2000). 3 Vols. DVD. Sony Pictures.

80Officium, Jan Garbarek with The Hilliard Ensemble (1994). ECM New Series ECM 1523 NS.

81O’Stravaganza – Vivaldi in Ireland, Hughes de Courson (2001). Virgin Classics VC 545494-2.

82Red Priest: Johann I am only Dancing – Masterworks by J. S. Bach (2009). Red Priest Recordings RP007.

83Reimaginings, Joe Chindamo piano and Zoe Black violin (2012). Which Way Music WWM013.

84Powell Maud: Complete Recordings 1904-1917. Volumes 1-3, NAXOS Historical 8.110961-8.110963.

85Schubert: Winterreise, Jonas Kaufmann tenor, Helmut Deutsch piano (2014). Sony Classical 88883795652.

86Vivaldi [Five Violin Concertos], Viktoria Mullova, Il Giardino Harmonico, Giovanni Antonini conductor. (2004). Onyx 4001.


1 Date Refers to Release.


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