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A Musicology of Performance

Dorottya Fabian

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11.1 Studied Recordings Listed by Chronology of Violinists’ Year of Birth. 19

23.1 Definition of Stylistic Features as Listed in Column Headings in Table 3.3. 110

33.2 Movement by Movement Tendency of Selected Violinists’ Interpretative Styles. 112

43.3 Average scores of subjectively rated HIP and MSP performance features in forty selected recordings.114

54.1 Summary of Tempo Trends 1977-2010. 132

64.2 Average MSP and HIP Tempos across All Studied Recordings Made since 1903 (Joachim). 132

74.3 Average Tempos in Recordings Made Pre and Post 1978 (before or after Luca). 134

84.4 Vibrato Rate, Width (depth) and Frequency of Use. 141

94.5 Most Embellished Movements Listed in Order of Amount of Ornamentation. 154

104.6 Summary of Solutions in the Penultimate Bars of the A minor Grave. 168

114.7 Average Dotting Ratios in the D minor Corrente, C Major Adagio, and B minor Allemanda. 174

124.8 Summary of Basic Difference in Executing Bars 35-41 of the G minor Fuga. 187

134.9 Summary of Modifications in the B minor Sarabande. 191

145.1 E Major Gavotte en Rondeau, A Generalized Summary of Performance Characteristics. 208

155.2 Violinists who made more than one recording of the Solos between 1977 and 2010. 217

165.3 Standard Deviations of Zehetmair’s tempo choices in the E Major Partita. 248

175.4 Standard Deviations of Monica Huggett’s tempo choices in Sonata movements. 252

185.5 Standard Deviations of Monica Huggett’s tempo choices in Partita movements. 252

195.6 Structural Subdivisions of the E Major Preludio according to Dario Sarlo. 255

205.7 E Major Preludio — Summary of Aural Analysis of selected recordings according to the 8 sections identified by Sarlo. 260


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