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Like Nobody’s Business

Andrew C. Comrie


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2. Institutional Revenues

2.1 An illustrative estimate of the net tuition and fee revenue impact of in-state versus out-of-state students. See text for explanation. 37

5. Human Resources

5.1 Non-instructional support staff categories and selected examples of occupations and fields. Sources: IPEDS (2020) and US Bureau of Labor Statistics (2010). 108

6. Academic Affairs

6.1 Example annual college budget, showing major categories of revenues and expenditures, including shares of revenue and institutional costs. See text for explanations. 120
6.2 Example of the layers of cross-subsidization across disciplines. Amounts are in dollars per student credit hour (SCH). 129
6.3 Example of annual first-order costs of a modest PhD program (see text for explanation). 134

8. Research

8.1 Example of a simple one-year research grant budget, showing major categories including direct and indirect costs. See text for explanations. 211
8.2 Example comparative annual costs of graduate research assistants (for public and private institutions) and postdoctoral scholars. Round-number estimates of tuition are from Figure 2.8 with graduate and postdoc stipends rounded from FY2018 NIH rates (twelve-month). 216

9. Public Service, Cooperative Extension, and Community Engagement

9.1 Example operating budget for a moderate to large university performing arts center. Note that major capital and facilities costs are excluded. 229

10. Facilities & Finance

10.1 Examples of institutional functions and services that may be provided through public-private partnerships. 255

14. Outcomes & Futures

14.1 Simplified calculation of a university economic impact estimate. Dollar amounts in millions. Adapted and abridged from a BEA example (Ambargis et al. 2014). 330


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