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Like Nobody’s Business

Andrew C. Comrie

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1. Introduction

B1 Seals of the universities of Bologna (left) and Padua (right) including the year that each was established. Sources: University of Bologna, Image by Malinion (2016), Wikimedia, Public Domain,​wikipedia/​commons/​d/​d0/​Seal_of_the_University_of_Bologna.svg, and University of Padua, Image by OMT5500 (2017), Wikimedia, Public Domain,​wikipedia/​it/​5/​53/​Logo_Universit%C3%A0_Padova.svg. 7

2. Institutional Revenues

B2 The eight US universities with the highest revenues in FY2016 that exceeded the Fortune 500 threshold of $5.4B. Source: IPEDS (2020). 16

3. Institutional Expenditures

B3 Decade averages of annual percentage change in the Higher Education Price Index (HEPI) and inflation-adjusted National Healthcare Expenditures (NHE) per capita. Sources: Commonfund Institute (2017a) and CMS (US Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services 2018). 54
B4 Degrees conferred (bachelor’s, master’s and doctor’s) by postsecondary institutions per academic year and citable documents published in all subject areas in the SCOPUS database per calendar year, both for the United States. Sources: IPEDS (2020) and SCImago (2018). 57

5. Human Resources

B5 Simplified typology of faculty titles at US universities. 99

6. Academic Affairs

B6 This photograph from July 1, 2006 shows the County Theater in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, a glorious art deco building from 1938 that is still showing movies today. Source: Frederick (2006), Flickr, CC BY 2.0,​photos/​galfred/​180834829. 147

7. Student Affairs

B7 Reasons cited for leaving higher education by students in the 2003–04 cohort of the Beginning Postsecondary Students Longitudinal Study who had left without a degree by 2008–09. Note the relatively low frequency of academic problems. Source: Delta Cost Project (Johnson 2012). 178

8. Research

B8 Overall research grant funding success rates at NIH and NSF (left) and associated proposal and award counts (right). NIH data show similar patterns for research project grants and all R01-equivalent grants, therefore they are combined here. Sources: NIH (National Institutes of Health 2018) and NSF (National Science Foundation 2018). 208

9. Public Service, Cooperative Extension, and Community Engagement

B9 Land-grant universities and colleges in the three legislation-year funding groups. Note that these year groups do not necessarily correspond to year of establishment or authorization of land-grant status. Alaska and the Pacific and Caribbean island states and territories are not to scale. See Appendix B for a detailed listing. Sources: IPEDS (2020) and National Institute of Food and Agriculture (2019c). 226

12. Athletics

B.10 Athletic association, division and subdivision membership in FY2018, by Carnegie classification and control. Source: EADA (Office of Postsecondary Education 2020). 273
B.11 NCAA Division I FBS conference membership for football (FB) and basketball (BB) in FY2018, by Carnegie classification and control. Source: IPEDS (2020). 274


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