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A Musicology of Performance

Theory and Method Based on Bach's Solos for Violin

This book examines the nature of musical performance. In it, Dorottya Fabian explores the contributions and limitations of some of these approaches to performance, be they theoretical, cultural, historical, perceptual, or analytical. Through a detailed investigation of recent recordings of J. S. Bach's Six Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin, she demonstrates that music performance functions as a complex dynamical system. Only by crossing disciplinary boundaries, therefore, can we put the...


Anmerkungen des Autors

Version 1.2. Minor edits made, October 2015 and June 2016.

  • Verlag : Open Book Publishers
  • Buchreihe : OBP collection
  • Erscheinungsort : Cambridge
  • Erscheinungsjahr : 2015
  • Auf OpenEdition Books veröffentlicht : 01 juin 2017
  • ISBN (Printversion) : 9781783741526
  • ISBN (elektronische Version) : 9782821881723
  • Seitenzahl : xxii + 342 p.


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