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What Works in Conservation 2020

William J. Sutherland
Lynn V. Dicks
Silviu O. Petrovan
et al.

13. Subtidal benthic invertebrate conservation

13.7 Threat: Climate change and severe weather

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No evidence found (no assessment)

1We have captured no evidence for the following interventions:

  • Create a Marine Protected Area or set levels of legal protection where natural climate refugia occur to further promote the persistence and recovery of species facing climate change
  • Limit, cease or prohibit the degradation and/or removal of carbon sequestering species and/or habitats
  • Manage climate-driven range extensions of problematic species
  • Promote natural carbon sequestration species and/or habitats
  • Restore habitats and/or habitat-forming (biogenic) species following extreme events
  • Transplant captive-bred or hatchery-reared individuals of habitat-forming (biogenic) species that are resistant to climate change
  • Transplant/release climate change-resistant captive-bred or hatchery-reared individuals to re-establish or boost native populations.

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