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What Works in Conservation 2020

William J. Sutherland
Lynn V. Dicks
Silviu O. Petrovan
et al.

6. Peatland conservation

6. Peatland conservation

Nigel G. Taylor, Patrick Grillas et William J. Sutherland

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1 Global evidence for the effects of interventions to conserve peatland vegetation

2 Expert assessors

3 Stephanie Boudreau, Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association, Canada

4 Emma Goodyer, IUCN UK Peatlands Programme, UK

5 Laura Graham, Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, Indonesia

6 Richard Lindsay, University of East London, UK

7 Edgar Karofeld, University of Tartu, Estonia

8 David Locky, MacEwan University, Canada

9 Nancy Ockendon, University of Cambridge, UK

10 Anabel Rial, Independent Consultant & IUCNSpecies Survival Commission, Colombia

11 Sarah Ross, Penny Anderson Associates, UK

12 Nigel Taylor, Tour du Valat, France

13 Tim Thom, Yorkshire Peat Partnership, UK

14 Jennie Whinam, University of Tasmania, Australia

15 Scope of assessment: for the conservation of vegetation in wet peatlands, including bogs, fens, fen meadows and tropical peat swamps. The focus is on overall communities and habitat-defining species, rather than rare species.

16 Assessed: 2018.

17 Effectiveness measure is the median % score. How effective is the intervention at conserving peatland vegetation in the collated evidence?

18 Certainty measure is the median % certainty for the effectiveness score across all peatlands that are appropriate targets of the intervention, determined by the quantity and quality of the evidence in the synopsis.

19 Harm measure is the median % score. Are there any negative side effects of the intervention, on peatland vegetation, in the collated evidence?

20Each effectiveness category assumes that the aims of the intervention match your management goals. For example, planting trees/shrubs is likely to be beneficial assuming that you want to create forested/shrubby peatland. This might not be a desirable outcome on all peatland types or in all locations.


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