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Foundations for Moral Relativism

In Foundations for Moral Relativism a distinguished moral philosopher tames a bugbear of current debate about cultural difference. J. David Velleman shows that different communities can indeed be subject to incompatible moralities, because their local mores are rationally binding. At the same time, he explains why the mores of different communities, even when incompatible, are still variations on the same moral themes.

The book thus maps out a universe of many moral worlds without, as ...

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Note de l’éditeur

A second, expanded edition of this book has been published:

  • Éditeur : Open Book Publishers
  • Collection : OBP collection
  • Lieu d’édition : Cambridge
  • Année d’édition : 2013
  • Publication sur OpenEdition Books : 01 juin 2015
  • EAN (Édition imprimée) : 9781909254442
  • EAN électronique : 9782821854000
  • Nombre de pages : x-109 p.


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