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The Living Stream

Warwick Gould

Essays in Memory of A. Norman Jeffares 1920-2005

A Select Checklist of the Writings of Alexander Norman Jeffares (1920-2005)

Colin Smythe

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1How does one begin to describe Derry Jeffares? I first met him at the opening conference of the International Association for the Study of Anglo-Irish Literature (IASAIL) at Trinity College Dublin in the summer of 1970. Jeanne, his wife also attended, and I got to know both of them there and over the following years, visiting them in Leeds, then in Rumbling Bridge and at their final home at Fife Ness. To know them was to love them both. In 1978 I asked Derry whether he would be prepared to join my publishing company as a director, and his immediate reply—misunderstanding my reason for asking—was ‘how much money do you need?’ I told him that I needed no financial injection, but that I wanted to recognise the help and advice he had been so generously giving me, and the contacts he’d made for me, and make the close connection official. He was at the centre of a publishing and educational web: he found people teaching posts, sometimes in the most distant outposts of academia, advising some young academic to take the job, with the promise: ‘Don’t worry. We’ll get you back!’ One of his kindnesses was when he put me in touch with Dr George Sandulescu, who was in the mid 1980s running the Princess Grace Irish Library in Monaco. I was ‘vetted’ and appointed the Library’s publisher, as well as being deputed to significantly increase its holding of Irish interest publications and videos (which were at that time an exorbitant price), going through the catalogues of every publisher that had an Irish list.

2Others in this volume describe how they were affected by this powerhouse of energy and influence, and I regret much that in spite of a wide-ranging supporting list of eminent people to a proposal I made in 1997 for some suitable official acknowledgement of his work and services to this country nothing came of it. I suppose it may have been not unconnected to the change of government that year. Ireland has no such method of appropriately acknowledging its sons and daughters (other than through Aosdána in the creative art world), so they have to make do with honorary degrees and, much more rarely, honorary fellowships: Derry particularly relished the honorary Fellowship received from TCD and made full use of it.

3Anyone who has asked Derry for his opinion of a manuscript knows the amazing speed with which it was returned with his, usually extremely extensive, comments—often peppered with his personal slang to precisely describe his opinion of author and/or book. It always amazed me that there were enough hours in the day for him to be able to do everything he carried out—including wall building, decorating, gardening, the founding and organisation of new societies (including the Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies (ACLALS) in 1966, and the Association for the Study of Anglo-Irish Literature (IASAIL, now renamed, the Association for the Study of Irish Literatures—IASIL) in 1968, and journals, most still flourishing, quite apart from his editorial collaborations, the York Notes, of which he was general editor, the list is impressive.

4I published two volumes of his poems, Brought up in Dublin and Brought up to Leave (both 1987), which in retrospect I think I should have combined into one, his collection of essays, Images of Invention (1996), Poems and Plays of Oliver St John Gogarty (2001) which he edited over a number of years, and maintained a constant joy of discovery, regardless of how much more work each new discovery involved, as the volume and its footnotes grew and grew from some 500 to nearly 900 pages. Then I caught him at a good moment when his workload was rather less than usual and I asked him to write a biographical introduction to The Collected Poems of James Stephens (2006). In astonishingly quick time he sent me his hand-written 9,000 word introduction. It was the last major piece of work he did, (apart from reading and correcting proofs of his collaborations with Peter van de Kamp—the anthologies of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century literature, the last volume of which he had finished proofreading the day before he died).

5I look back on thirty-five years of collaboration and friendship, and remember the sorrow not only of learning of his death but the realisation that the wonderfully enjoyable, lengthy, gossipy and often scandalous phone calls I would get from him at weekends would be no more. Helping with others to lower his coffin into the grave (a Scottish custom) in Crail churchyard on 8 June 2005 we said farewell to a wonderful man, made all the more final by Jeanne’s death, and her burial in that same churchyard thirteen months later. We shall not see their like again.

6The list that follows—an updated version of the checklist published in the festschrift, Literature and the Art of Creation (eds. Robert Welch and Suheil Badi Bushrui, 1988)—indicates the wide-ranging interests of the late Professor A. Norman Jeffares, and particularly his long-standing preoccupation with W. B. Yeats, his first article on the poet being published over sixty years ago, in 1945.

7This checklist is divided into six sections:

  1. works by A. Norman Jeffares;
  2. works edited by him;
  3. introductions and contributions to books;
  4. contributions to periodicals, including a selection of reviews;
  5. radio scripts;
  6. series and journals of which Professor Jeffares has been editor;

8There are many hundreds of reviews that he wrote for over thirty journals, to many of which he was a regular contributor. They include Australian Book Review, Australian Letters, AUMLA, British Book News, English Studies, Hermathena, The Irish Times, The Journal of Commonwealth Literature, Levende Talen, The Literary Half-Yearly, The Literary Review, Meanjin, Modern Language Notes, Modern Language Review, Museum, Notes and Queries, The Oxford Magazine, The Review of English Studies, Sewanee Review, Stand, Time and Tide, The Times, The Times Educational Supplement, The Times Higher Education Supplement, The Times Literary Supplement, Wascana Review, Wending, Western Humanities Review, World Language in English, Yeats Annual and The Yorkshire Post.

9A few of the more important reviews are included in section D, but obviously this has been a selective choice.

Plates 22-24. Three faces of Derry Jeffares, Unknown contemporary press photographers. Images courtesy of Colin Smythe Ltd. ( All rights reserved.


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