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Altering Eye

Robert Phillip Kolker


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1Although distribution of European and Latin American films in the United States has fallen off in recent years, there are a number of small distributors who still acquire new material, add it to their collection of older films, and help keep the tradition alive. I wish to thank the following distributors who supplied the films that made the writing of this book possible: Cinema Five, Corinth Films, Films Inc.-Audio Brandon, New Line Cinema, New Yorker Films, Unifilm.

2The motion picture division of the Library of Congress was, as always, of great help, and the theater division of the American Film Institute gave special assistance.

3A number of people assisted me with ideas, research, and technical help, by reading parts of the manuscript, and with good conversation. Thanks especially to Peter Beicken, Maria Coughlin, Douglas Gomery, Danusia Meson, Joe Miller, J. Douglas Ousley, David Parker, Stephen Prince, Adam Reilly, Harvey W. Thompson, Jr. and Katherine S. Woodward, and to many students who worked with me in courses and seminars in contemporary European cinema at the University of Maryland. A Faculty Research Grant from the University of Maryland allowed me a semester off to do the major writing Sheldon Meyer and Stephanie Golden at Oxford University Press provided support and knowledge that was invaluable for the original publication of this book. Thanks to Alessandra Tosi and Rupert Gatti for their work on the new edition.

4While it is an easy matter to thank and acknowledge those whose personal intervention aided my work, it is less easy when it comes to the great number of scholars and critics whose writing has been influential in forming my ideas. The notes to the text indicate some of the debt and the bibliography widens the range of acknowledgment, but can never complete it.


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