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Maria Stuart

Friedrich Schiller

Maria Stuart


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1ELIZABETH, Queen of England

2MARY STUART, Queen of Scotland

3ROBERT DUDLEY, Earl of Leicester

4GEORGE TALBOT, Earl of Shrewsbury

5WILLIAM CECIL, Baron Burghley, Lord High Treasurer Earl of KENT

6WILLIAM DAVISON, state secretary

7AMIAS PAULET, knight, Mary’s keeper

8MORTIMER, his nephew

9Count AUBESPINE, French ambassador

10Count BELLIEVRE, extraordinary emissary of France

11O’KELLY, Mortimer’s friend

12DRUGEON DRURY, Mary’s second keeper

13MELVIL, her steward

14BURGOYNE, her physician

15HANNA KENNEDY, her nurse

16MARGARET CURLE, her lady-in-waiting

17SHERIFF of the county

18 OFFICER of the bodyguard

19French and English GENTLEMEN


21COURTIERS of the Queen of England

22ATTENDANTS of the Queen of Scotland


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