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Digital Humanities Pedagogy

Practices, Principles and Politics

Academic institutions are starting to recognize the growing public interest in digital humanities research, and there is an increasing demand from students for formal training in its methods. Despite the pressure on practitioners to develop innovative courses, scholarship in this area has tended to focus on research methods, theories and results rather than critical pedagogy and the actual practice of teaching.

The essays in this collection offer a timely intervention in digital humani...

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  • Editor : Open Book Publishers
  • Colección : Digital Humanities Series
  • Lugar de edición : Cambridge
  • Año de edición : 2012
  • Publicación en OpenEdition Books : 01 juin 2015
  • EAN (publicación papel) : 9781909254251
  • EAN electrónico : 9782821854031
  • Número de páginas : xx-427 p.