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Digital Humanities Series

Invention and application of digital methods, tools and media have had significant effects on scholarly research and are raising new questions about how we conceive knowledge, think about scholarship and develop new epistemic practices. Large-scale digitization projects and hyperactive social media have brought into focus new kinds of social and historical texts, images and other data formerly difficult or impossible to reach. Culturally significant data made mutable and manipulable raise fundamental questions we are just beginning to notice.
Digital Humanities Series: Knowledge, Thought and Practice is dedicated to the exploration of all the above by scholars across disciplines and offers them a venue for high-quality, Open Access publication.

ISSN (Édition numérique) : 2054-2429

Digital Scholarly Editing

Theories and Practices

Matthew James Driscoll et Elena Pierazzo (dir.)


Digital Humanities Pedagogy

Practices, Principles and Politics

Brett D. Hirsch (dir.)


The Digital Public Domain

Foundations for an Open Culture

Melanie Dulong de Rosnay et Juan Carlos De Martin


Text and Genre in Reconstruction

Effects of Digitalization on Ideas, Behaviours, Products and Institutions

Willard McCarty