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The Life and Letters of William Sharp and “Fiona Macleod”. Volume 2

William Sharp
Fiona Macleod

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Fig. 1.

Sir Patrick Geddes (1854–1932). Photograph by Lafayette, 30 December 1931. © National Portrait Gallery, London. Some rights reserved.


Fig. 2.

“Apollo’s School Days,” John Duncan, in The Evergreen: A Northern Seasonal, The Book of Spring (Edinburgh: Patrick Geddes and Colleagues, 1895). Photograph by William F. Halloran (2020) of his copy formerly owned by Lady Mears, Patrick Geddes’ daughter.


Fig. 3.

The Outlook Tower, Castlehill, Edinburgh. Photograph by Kim Traynor (2013), Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,​wiki/​File:Outlook_Tower, _Castlehill, _ Edinburgh. JPG#/media/File: Outlook_Tower, _Castlehill, _ Edinburgh. JPG


Fig. 4.

The Shadow of Arvor: Legendary Romances and Folk-Tales of Brittany, Translated and Retold by Edith Wingate Rinder (Edinburgh: Patrick Geddes & Colleagues, 1897). Printed by W. H. White and Co. Ltd., Edinburgh Riverside Press. Photograph by William F. Halloran (2019).


Fig. 5.

“The Croft,” Grant Allen’s House in Hindhead, Haslemere, Surrey (1906). © The Francis Frith Collection,​hindhead/​hindhead-grant-allen-s-house-1906_55569


Fig. 6.

Ramsay Gardens from Princess Street, Edinburgh. Photograph by David Monniaux (2005), Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,​w/​index.php?curid=228032#/​media/​File:Edinburgh_old_town_dsc06355.jpg


Fig. 7.

Fiona Macleod, The Sin-Eater and Other Tales (Edinburgh: Patrick Geddes & Colleagues, 1895). Photograph by William F. Halloran (2019).


Fig. 8.

William Butler Yeats (1865–1939). Photograph by Alice Boughton (1903), Wikimedia, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Yeats_Boughton.jpg#/​media/​File:Yeats_Boughton.jpg


Fig. 9.

The first American edition of Fiona MacLeod’s Green Fire. A Romance (New York: Harper & Brothers, 1896). Photograph by William F. Halloran (2019).


Fig. 10.

Poster advertising the premiere of Esclarmonde, libretto by Alfred Blau and Louis de Gramodt, music by Jules Massenet’s, Paris, May 1889. August François-Marie Gorguet, Esclarmonde (1889), chromolithograph. Wikimedia, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Esclarmonde.jpg#/​media/​File:Esclarmonde.jpg


Fig. 11.

Cover and title page of the first edition of Fiona Macleod’s From the Hills of Dream (Edinburgh: Patrick Geddes & Colleagues, 1896). Photograph by William F. Halloran (2019).


Fig. 12.

Fiona Macleod stories reissued in paperbacks by Patrick Geddes and Colleagues in 1896. Photograph by William F. Halloran (2019).


Fig. 13.

William Sharp (1855–1905). William Strang, William Sharp (c. 1897), etching, printed by David Strang. Photograph by William F. Halloran of author’s copy (2019).


Fig. 14.

Cartledge Hall, Holmesfield, Derbyshire. Home of R. Murray Gilchrist and family. Photograph by Dave Hobson (2014). Courtesy of Vale of Belvoir Ramblers,​2014_04_01_archive.html


Fig. 15.

This photograph of William Sharp was taken in Dublin in late September, 1897, and sent to Henry Mills Alden, editor of Harper’s Magazine and Sharp’s friend, at Christmas, 1897. Courtesy of the University of Delaware Library (The Henry Mills Alden Papers), Public Domain.


Fig. 16.

Maud Gonne McBride (1866–1953), Wikimedia, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Maude_Gonne_McBride_nd.jpg#/​media/​File:Maude_Gonne_McBride_nd.jpg


Fig. 17.

Moina Mathers (1865–1928), the wife of Macgregor Mathers and sister of Henri Bergson, was an artist, occultist, and founder of the Alpha et Omega Lodge of the Golden Dawn. Left: Moina Mathers from her performance in the Rites of Isis in Paris (1899), Wikimedia, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Picture_of_Moina_Mathers_from_her_performance_in_the_Rites_of_Isis_in_Paris.jpg. Right: Moina Mathers (c. 1887), Wikimedia, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Moina_Mathers.jpg


Fig. 18

Dame Edith Sophy Lyttelton (née Balfour) after a picture by Romney; by Lafayette, photogravure by Walker & Boutall, 1897; published 1899. © National Portrait Gallery, London. Some rights reserved.



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