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Beyond Holy Russia

Michael Hughes

List of Illustrations

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1Figure 1. Pen portrait of Stephen Graham by Vernon Hill, published in Stephen Graham, Changing Russia (London. John Lane, 1913), frontispiece. p. 36

2Figure 2. Photograph taken by Stephen Graham in the Terek Gorge of two Ingush women collecting water, published in Stephen Graham, A Vagabond in the Caucasus (London, John Lane, 1911), p. 140. p. 39

3Figure 3. Photograph taken by Stephen Graham at midnight of the inhabitants of a village near Archangel, published in Stephen Graham, Undiscovered Russia (London. John Lane, 1912), p. 24. p. 48

4Figure 4. Photograph taken by Stephen Graham of elderly Russian peasant woman on the banks of the Jordan, published by Stephen Graham, With the Russian Pilgrims to Jerusalem (London. Macmillan, 1913), p. 194. p. 74

5Figure 5. Two of the pictorial emblems appearing in Stephen Graham, Priest of the Ideal (London. Macmillan, 1917), pp. 151 and 165. p. 115

6Figure 6. Two of the illustrations by Vernon Hill in Stephen Graham, Tramping with a Poet in the Rockies (London. Macmillan, 1922), pp. 1 and 201. p. 181

7Figure 7. Press photograph of Vachel Lindsay and Stephen Graham (on the right) in 1921 (​wiki/​File:Vachel_Lindsay_with_Stephen_Gwynne.jpg) [NB in the original Stephen Graham is mistakenly identified as Stephen Gwynne]. p. 186

8Figure 8. Stephen Graham in 1926 (photographer unknown). Courtesy National Portrait Gallery, © CC BY-NC-ND. p. 219

9Figure 9. Photograph of Stephen and Vera Graham on the 13 August 1957 (photographer unknown). Courtesy Private Collection. p. 306


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