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Waltzing Through Europe

Egil Bakka
Theresa Jill Buckland
Helena Saarikoski
et al.

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Chapter 1

Fig. 1.1

Video: ‘Vals og Folkedanslaget Springar`n sin avslutning i HD 7 format’, 7: 08, posted online by Svein Arne Sølvberg, Youtube, 12 May 2010,​watch?v=LolpphyIWS8

Fig. 1.2

Victor Gabriel Gilbert, The Ball or an Elegant Evening, 7 c.1890. Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Une_soir%C3%A9e_%C3%A9l%C3%A9gante_par_Victor_Gabriel_Gilbert_(A).jpg

Fig. 1.3

Video: ‘Klapptanz’, 1: 20, posted online by Stefan Ziel, 8 Youtube, 17 August 2009,​watch?v=aJ6CVIAn5u0

Fig. 1.4

The Hombourg Waltz, 1818. Coloured engraving, British 8 Cartoon Prints Collection (Library of Congress). Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wikipedia/​commons/​1/​1d/​The_Hombourg_waltz%2C_with_characteristic_sketches_of_family_dancing_LCCN2006688900.jpg

Fig. 1.5

Photo from Bangsund, Norway, 1981. Photo by Egil Bakka, CC 9 BY 4.0.

Fig. 1.6

Video: ‘Woher kommt der Zwiefache? Verzwickter Tanz’, 11 12: 00, posted online 27 February 2016, BRMediathek,​mediathek/​video/​woher-kommt-der-zwiefache-verzwickter-tanz-av:584f862a3b467900119cdb27

Fig. 1.7

Aquatint, 117 x 18.5 cm. From John Dean Paul, Journal of a Party 12 of Pleasure to Paris in the Month of August, 1802 (London: Cadell & Davies, 1802). Wellcome Collection, CC BY 4.0,​works/​stggecfr

Fig. 1.8

Eadweard Muybridge, A Couple Waltzing, colour lithograph 13 presented in a phenakistoscope, 1893. Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Eadweard_Muybridge%27s_phenakistoscope,_1893.jpg

Fig. 1.9

Video: ‘Pardans runddans. Hamborgar og vals. Kvalik. 15 Vestlandskappleiken 2015’, 5: 52, posted online by Jostedalsvideo, Youtube, 11 October 2015,​watch?v=C2ZQAIyYWe8&

Fig. 1.10

Video: ‘Snoa’, 1: 49, posted online by Folkdance Noa-am, 15 18 March 2018, Youtube,​watch?v=_RXbbAeqXuE

Fig. 1.11

Video: ‘Aelixhir — Atelier de Dreischrittdreher avec Ralf 15 Spiegler’, 2: 48, posted online by Lionel Thomas, 14 August 2013,​qPxHcmGEpRY?t=81

Fig. 1.12

Video: ‘Powolniak’, 1: 24, posted online by Dom Tańca, 16 12 January 2013, Youtube,​watch?v=Vy3mxGQBhiM

Fig. 1.13

Video: ‘Hambo’, 1: 16, posted online by Skansens Folkdanslag, 16 Youtube, 9 October 2013,​watch?v=fif8Zt1ir70

Fig. 1.14

Video: ‘Sff: Ami og Håkon Dregelid — Vossarull’, 1: 59, posted 17 online by Norwegian Centre for Traditional Music and Dance, Trondheim, Youtube, 15 June 2011,​watch?v=f3c4mUeMFCEor

Fig. 1.15

Video: ‘Ture i svejtrit, Vals+ — MVI 1892’, 15: 58, posted online 17 by Jørgen Andkær, Youtube, 28 October 2016,​watch?v=iaN37z6cbXk

Fig. 1.16

Johann Christian Schoeller, Der große Galopp von Joh. Strauß, 18 1839. Copper engraving. Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Strauss_I_-_Wiener_Scene_-_Der_gro%C3%9Fe_Galop.jpg

Fig. 1.17

G. Munthe, En Østlandsk St. Hansaften. Lithograph from Chr. 19 Tønsberg, Billeder af Norges Natur og Folkeliv (Christiana: Tønsberg, 1875). Owned by Egil Bakka, CC BY 4.0.

Fig. 1.18

Video: ‘Slangpolska från Skåne’, 2: 26, posted online by Steve 21 Carruthers, Youtube, 5 May 2010,​watch?v=Ces253nl19U&t=63s

Fig. 1.19

Video: ‘Polsdans fra Finnskogen 1’, 2: 55, posted online by Atle 21 Utkilen, Youtube, 23 August 2015,​watch?v=hB1RJaVBBRk

Fig. 1.20

Video: ‘Polonez Gimnazjalny 2015’, 15: 16, posted by Telewizja 22 internetowa Gminy Nadarzyn, Youtube, 28 May 2015,​watch?v=3zVnVaGiQv0

Fig. 1.21

Video: ‘HälsingeHambon Final 2010’, 4.50, posted online by 22 meriksson84, Youtube, 30 August 2010,​watch?v=nJYwODr8700&list=RDnJYwODr8700#t=28

Fig. 1.22

Video: ‘Leiv Fåberg og Johanna Kvam. Hamborgar’, 2.37, 22 posted online by Jostedalsvideo, Youtube, 28 November 2015,​watch?v=kGenW4UV2vs

Chapter 2

Fig. 2.1

Project meeting in the Nordic Association of Folk Dance 30 Research at the Finnish Literature Society in Helsinki, 2002. Photo by Esko Rausmaa, CC BY 4.0.

Fig. 2.2

The publications resulting from the project Gammaldans i 32 Norden, 1988. Photo by Egil Bakka, CC BY 4.0.

Fig. 2.3

Title page of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Die Leiden des 33 jungen Werthers, Part 1 (Leipzig: Weygand, 1774). Wikimedia Commons CC BY 3.0,​wiki/​File:-1-_Die_Leiden_des_jungen_Werthers._Erstdruck.jpg

Fig. 2.4

[Anonymous, possibly Marcus Gheeraerts, ] Queen Elizabeth 36 I Dancing La Volta with Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, c.1580, Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Robert_Dudley_Elizabeth_Dancing.jpg

Fig. 2.5

Video: ‘Contrapasso Historical Dance Ensemble: Volte 37 (Lavolta)’, 1: 34, posted online by Contrapasso E., Youtube, 19 February 2012,​watch?v=AvaGvUoor1E

Fig. 2.6

Video: ‘Coronation Banquet — Elizabeth Dance’, 2.44, posted 37 online by gozala00, Youtube, 16 May 2007,​watch?v=5rXpNtXNOrI&

Fig. 2.7

The Allemande. From Simon Guillaume, Almanach dansant ou 40 positions et attitudes de l’Allemande (Paris: Chez l’auteur rue des Arcis, 1769). Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Guillaume_Almanach.jpg

Fig. 2.8

Daniel Hopfer, copper engraving, c.1500. Wikimedia 43 Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Kulturbilder_489.JPG

Fig. 2.9

George Cruikshank, The Drunkard’s Children. Plate I, 1848. 44 Wellcome Collection, CC BY 4.0,​works/​utfd99fy

Chapter 3

Fig. 3.1

Alexander Altenhof, Europe in 1812: Political Situation 55 before Napoleon’s Russian Campaign. Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 3.0,​wiki/​File:Europe_1812_map_de.png

Fig. 3.2

Theeuro, Location Map of Armenia Within Europe, 2010. Image 56 by Egil Bakka, based on Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Europe_map_armenia.png

Chapter 4

Fig. 4.1

Postcard, 1901. Wikipedia, Public Domain,​wiki/​Datei:200_Jahre_Preussen.jpg

Fig. 4.2

Anna Dorothea Lisiewska, Portrait of a Princely Family, c.1777. 67 oil on canvas, National Museum in Warsaw. Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​w/​index.php?title=File:Lisiewska_Portrait_of_a_Princely_family.jpg&oldid=237421193

Fig. 4.3

An engraving by J. Fr. Bolt of a painting by J. C. Dähling, Die 68 Gartenlaube [The Garden Arbor], 1883. Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Die_Gartenlaube_(1883)_b_785.jpg

Fig. 4.4

Heinrich Anton Dähling, Friedrich Wilhelm III and His Family, 69 1806. Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Friedrich_Wilhelm_III._und_seine_Familie.jpg

Fig. 4.5

Anton von Werner, Coronation of Wilhelm I as Emperor of 70 Germany in Versailles, oil on canvas, Otto-Von-Bismarck-Stiftung, 1885. Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Anton_von_Werner_-_Kaiserproklamation_in_Versailles_1871.jpg

Fig. 4.6

Postcard, 1912. Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Kaiser_Wilhelm_II_Familie_main35.jpg

Fig. 4.7

Adolph von Menzel, Das Ballsouper [Dinner at 73 the Ball], oil on canvas, Alte Nationalgalerie, 1878. Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Adolph_Menzel_-_Das_Ballsouper_-_Google_Art_Project.jpg

Fig. 4.8

Video: ‘Martín y Soler: Una cosa rara (opera completa)’, 74 2: 45: 45, posted online by Classicus Musicalis, Youtube,​watch?v=TtSFzFoUCoc&t=8251s

Fig. 4.9

Josef Kreutzinger, Porträt der Familie des österreichischen Kaisers 76 [Portrait of the Family of the Austrian Emperor], c.1805. Oil on canvas. Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Josef_Kreutzinger_-_Kaiserliche_Familie.jpg

Fig. 4.10

Engraving after Richard Cosway, The Italian Castrato Singer Luigi 77 Marchesi, 1790. National Portrait Gallery, London. Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Luigi_Marchesi.jpg

Fig. 4.11

Wilhelm Gause, Hofball in Wien, 1900. Historisches Museum 78 der Stadt Wie. Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Wilhelm_Gause_Hofball_in_Wien.jpg

Fig. 4.12

James Gillray, Monstrous Craws, at a New Coalition Feast, 1787. 80 Etching with aquatint. Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Monstrous_craws,_at_a_new_coalition_feast.jpg

Fig. 4.13

Thomas Phillips, Portrait of Lord Byron in Albanian Dress, 81 1813. Oil on canvas. Government Art Collection at the British Embassy, Athens. Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Lord_Byron_in_Albanian_Dress_by_Phillips,_1813.jpg

Fig. 4.14

George Cruikshank, Merry-Making on the Regent’s Birthday, 84 1812. Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Merry_making_on_the_regents_birth_day,_1812_LCCN2003689159.tif

Fig. 4.15

George Cruikshank, Longitude and Latitude of St Petersburgh, 85 1813. Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​w/​index.php?search=Waltzing+at+Almacks%2C+George+Cruikshank+&title=Special%3ASearch&go=Go#/​media/​File:Almack%27s_Longitude_and_Latitude.jpg

Fig. 4.16

Carle Vernet, a depiction of a couple dressed in French formal 86 court styles, 1973. Image scanned by H. Churchyard from Blanche Payne’s History of Costume (New York: Harper & Row, 1965), Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:1793-1778-contrast-right.jpg

Fig. 4.17

John Cassell, Sans Culottes dancing the Carmagnole, 1865. Image 87 from Cassell’s Illustrated History of England, Volume 5 (London, Paris, & New York: Cassell Petter & Galpin, 1865), p. 613. Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:P613_SANS_CULOTTES_DANS_THE_CARMAGNOLE.jpg

Fig. 4.18

Ivan I. Terebenev, etching, Bodleian Library, 1979. Wikimedia 90 Commons, CC BY 4.0,​wiki/​File:Bodleian_Libraries,_Russians_teaching_Napoleon_to_dance-_Napoleon_Bonaparte_premier_consul_s%27est_rendu_%C3%A0_Notre_Dame_pour_y_entendre_la_Saint.jpg

Fig. 4.19

Gerhard von Kügelgen, Dorothea, Princess of Lieven, 1801. 92 Oil on canvas. Private collection. Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Gerhard_von_K%C3%BCgelgen_-_Portrait_of_Princess_Dorothea_von_Lieven_(1801).jpg

Fig. 4.20

Gerhard von Kugelgen, The Emperor Paul I with his Family, oil on 94 canvas, Pavlovsk State Museum, 1800. Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Family_of_Paul_I_of_Russia.jpg

Fig. 4.21

Dmitry Nikolaevich Kardovsky, Ball at the Assembly Hall of the 94 Nobility in St Petersburg, 1913. Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Ball_at_20s_by_Kardovsky.jpg

Fig. 4.22

Johann Peter Krafft, Declaration of Victory After the Battle of Leipzig, 95 1813, 1839. Oil on canvas. Deutsches Historisches Museum. Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:1839_Krafft_Siegesmeldung_nach_der_Schlacht_bei_Leipzig_1813_anagoria.JPG

Fig. 4.23

Video: ‘Polonaise (Pushkin Ball 2011)’, 4: 51, posted by 97 Khasanov1988, Youtube, 19 October 2011,​watch?v=o3e1OH1BpjA

Fig. 4.24

Jean Godefroy, after Jean-Baptiste Isabey, Delegates of 97 the Congress of Vienna, 19th c. Numbers added by Maciej Szczepańczyk. Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 3.0,​wiki/​File:Congress_of_Vienna.PNG

Fig. 4.25

Forceval, The Congress, 1814–1815. Vinck Collection, National 98 Library, Paris. Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Forceval-Congr%C3%A8s_de_Vienne_1814-15.png

Chapter 5

Fig. 5.1

Polka, watercolour from Petr Maixner, published in the 108 ethnological journal Český lid 12 (1903), p. 93. All rights reserved.

Fig. 5.2

Maděra in the collection of folk dances from Josef Vycpálek, 123 České tance (Praha: B. Kočí, 1921), p. 105, CC BY.

Fig. 5.3

Maděra cpálek in the collection of folk dances from Josef 124 Vycpálek, České tance (Praha: B. Kočí, 1921), p. 106, CC BY.

Fig. 5.4

‘The Russian Polka Double-Polka’ in the collection of folk 125 dances from Josef Vycpálek, České tance (Praha: B. Kočí, 1921), p. 106, CC BY.

Fig. 5.5

‘The Double-Polka’ in the collection of folk dances from Josef 126 Vycpálek, České tance (Praha: B. Kočí, 1921), p. 94, CC BY.

Fig. 5.6

Tramlam-Polka in the collection of folk dances from Josef 127 Vycpálek, České tance (Praha: B. Kočí, 1921), p. 107, CC BY.

Fig. 5.7

The Bartered Bride, Royal Opera House programme, 10 130 December 1998, p. 25. Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Bohemian_Polka.jpg#/​media/​File:Bohemian_Polka.jpg

Fig. 5.8

La Polka enseigné sans maître par MM. Perrot et Adrien Robert 131 (Paris: Aubert, 1845), p. 10. Private archive of Dorota Gremlicová, all rights reserved.

Fig. 5.9

‘Pas bohémien’, La Polka einseignée sans maître par MM. Perrot 132 et Adrien Robert (Paris: Aubert, 1845), p. 58. Private archive of Dorota Gremlicová, all rights reserved.

Fig. 5.10

J. Raab and Mlle Valentine dancing Polka at the Théâtre 133 Ambigu Paris. Private archive of Dorota Gremlicová, all rights reserved.

Fig. 5.11

Portrait of Jan Neruda by Jan Vilímek from České album, sbírka 135 podobizen předních českých velikánů (V. Praze: Jos. R. Vilímek, [n.d.]). Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Jan_Vil%C3%ADmek_-_Jan_Neruda.jpg#/​media/​File:Jan_Vil%C3%ADmek_-_Jan_Neruda.jpg

Fig. 5.12

Polka, from a booklet describing the dance Česká Beseda 137 (Česká beseda, ed. by J. Fiala, J. Prokšová-Evaldová, M. Malá, J. Vokáčová, and H. Livorová, p. 10), CC BY.

Fig. 5.13

Polka, from a booklet describing the dance Česká Beseda 138 (Česká beseda, ed. by J. Fiala, J. Prokšová-Evaldová, M. Malá, J. Vokáčová, and H. Livorová, p. 6), CC BY.

Fig. 5.14

Bedřich Smetana, La Fiancée vendue. Avant Scène Opéra No. 248 141 (Paris: Premières Loges, 2008). Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:BarteredBridePianoReduction.jpg#/​media/​File:BarteredBridePianoReduction.jpg

Fig. 5.15

Video: ‘Česká polka — finale Česká Lípa dupen 2012’, 1: 37, 143 posted online by Lenka čermáková, Youtube, 22 April 2012,​watch?v=oYiaywtlQxU

Fig. 5.16

Video: ‘Polka’, 14: 35, posted online by An000b, 144 Youtube, 24 October 2011,​watch?v=LiIxtj0wtcA

Chapter 6

Fig. 6.1

Excerpt from music for Reydowak by Ch. W. Schiessler, 156 published in his Carnevals-Almanach für das Jahr 1830 (Prague: C. W. Enders, 1830),​kramerius/​ Josef Vycpálek, České tance (Prague: B. Kočí, 1921), p. 47.

Fig. 6.2

IZdeněk Míka, Zábava a slavnosti staré Prahy (Prague: 157 Nakladatelství Ostrov 2008), p. 128.

Fig. 6.3

Video: ‘Stanford at Spoleto Festival: Winner’s Redowa’, 2: 08, 159 posted online by Jason Anderson, Youtube, 17 July 2011,​watch?v=fzSRDv3f0-8

Fig. 6.4

‘The Redowa Waltz: A new Bohemian waltz as danced in the 160 Parisian saloons and taught by Monsieur Jules Martin’, c.1846. Jerome Robbins Dance Division, The New York Public Library Digital Collections, Public Domain,​items/​9fae00f0-3386-0131-f0f9-58d385a7bbd0

Fig. 6.5

Video: ‘ “Česká Beseda” — Vystoupení skupiny “Beseda” Jitky 161 Bonušové — Beroun 23/03/13’, 14: 51, uploaded by Ludmila Sluníčková, Youtube, 27 March 2013,​watch?v=Pmrh_0uhLX8

Fig. 6.6

V.R. Grüner, ‘Carneval in Prague’, c.1829. Zdeněk Míka, 166 Zábava a slavnosti staré Prahy (Prague: Nakladatelství Ostrov, 2008), p. 123.

Fig. 6.7

Zdeněk Míka, Zábava a slavnosti staré Prahy (Prague: 170 Nakladatelství Ostrov 2008), p. 128.

Chapter 7

Fig. 7.1

Pollencig József, Grosser Ball bey Sv. Kőnigh Hoheit de Palatins Ofen 200 den 11ten Februar 1795 [Great Ball held by His Royal Highness of Palatine], 11 February 1795. Paper and gouache, 282 x 408 mm. Szépművészeti Múzeum, Budapest, Index number: 1930– 2188. Image courtesy of Szépművészeti Múzeum.

Fig. 7.2

Unknown artist, Bál a kis Redoute-ban [Ball in the small 201 Redoute], c.1830. Coloured lithography. Historical Museum, Metropolitan Gallery in Budapest. Image courtesy of Budapesti Történeti Múzeum.

Fig. 7.3

Max Felix von Pauer, Pest-Budai bál [Ball in Pest-Buda]. Paper 202 and ink, 110 x 16 mm. Metropolitan Szabó Ervin Library of Budapest (FSZK). János Jajczay, Pest-Budai figurák a múlt század 30-as éveiből. Max Félix Pauer rajzai a Fővárosi Könyvtárban (Budapest: Stadtbibliothek, 1941), pp. 9–10. Image courtesy of Fővárosi Szabó Ervin Könyvtár, Budapest.

Fig. 7.4

Unknown artist, Tánciskola [Dance school], 1845–1846. 204 Lithography. Historical Museum, Metropolitan Gallery in Budapest. Ignácz Nagy, Magyar titok [Hungarian secret] (Pest: Hartleben Konrád Adolf, 1845–1846), p. 258. Image courtesy of Budapesti Történeti Múzeum.

Fig. 7.5

A playbill of the opera Hunyadi László composed by Ferenc 205 Erkel, ‘father’ of the Hungarian national opera. Textbook written by Béni Egressy. The opera was premiered in the National Theatre in Pest, in 1844. The original playbill belongs to the collection of the Széchenyi István State National Library.

Fig. 7.6

The Polka Mazur, on the front-page of the publication with 207 musical notes, 1864. 150 x 90 mm. Kränzchen-Souvenir, Polka Mazur für pianoforte von kapellmeister Josef Dubez (Pest: Rózsavölgyi & Comp., 1862). Image courtesy of the Library of the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy, Budapest.

Fig. 7.7

Pálóczi Horváth Ádám, Ó és új mintegy Ötödfélszáz énekek, ki 208 magam csinálmánya, ki másé [450 Old and New Songs, Composed by Myself and Others] (Budapest: Akadémiai Kiadó, 1953), pp. 172–73 (notes) and 528–29 (lyrics).

Fig. 7.8

Pálóczi Horváth Ádám, Ó és új mintegy Ötödfélszáz énekek, ki 210 magam csinálmánya, ki másé [450 Old and New Songs, Composed by Myself and Others] (Budapest: Akadémiai Kiadó, 1953), pp. 173 (notes), 529 (lyrics).

Fig. 7.9

Pálóczi Horváth Ádám, Ó és új mintegy Ötödfélszáz énekek, ki 211 magam csinálmánya, ki másé [450 Old and New Songs, Composed by Myself and Others] (Budapest: Akadémiai Kiadó, 1953), pp. 131 (notes), 265 (lyrics).

Fig. 7.10

Réthei Prikkel Marián, A magyarság táncai [Dances of 213 Hungarians] (Budapest: Stúdium, 1924), pp. 232–33.

Fig. 7.11

Georg Emmanuel Opitz (1775–1841), Táncoló Magyarok 221 [Dancing Hungarians], early nineteenth century. Paper, gouache, 478 x 361 mm. Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum, Történeti Képcsarnok T. 7136. Image courtesy of Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum.

Fig. 7.12

Márk Rózsavölgyi, Első magyar társas tánc [First Hungarian 223 Social Dance]. From Szentpál Olga, A csárdás (Budapest: Zeneműkiadó, 1954), p. ix.

Fig. 7.13

Lajos Kilányi, Andalgó [Promenade], 1844. Image copied from 225 Szentpál Olga, A csárdás (Budapest: Zeneműkiadó, 1954), p. 32.

Fig. 7.14

Palotás [For the Palace],composed by Bertha Sándor (1843–1912) 229 (Budapest: Khor & Wein könyvnyomdája, 1864). Lithograph, 31 x 26 cm. Liszt Ferenc Zeneművészeti Egyetem Könyvtára, 50.471.

Chapter 8

Fig. 8.1

Valček s prestopanjem [Waltz with shift steps], 2003. © Institute 246 of Ethnomusicology ZRC SAZU. Drawing by Mirko Ramovš.

Fig. 8.2

Valček z menjalnim korakom [Waltz with the change step], 2003. 247 © Institute of Ethnomusicology ZRC SAZU. Drawing by Mirko Ramovš.

Fig. 8.3

Drseči valček [the sliding Waltz], 2003. © Institute of 249 Ethnomusicology ZRC SAZU. Drawing by Mirko Ramovš.

Fig. 8.4

Poskočni valček [gambolling, springing Waltz], 2003. © Institute 250 of Ethnomusicology ZRC SAZU. Drawing by Mirko Ramovš.

Fig. 8.5

Third variant of dvokoračni valček [two-step Waltz], 2003. © 251 Institute of Ethnomusicology ZRC SAZU. Drawing by Mirko Ramovš.

Fig. 8.6

Photo by Danilo Škofič (1962). Wikimedia Commons, Public 253 Domain,​w/​index.php?search=Maturantski+ples+&title=Special%3ASearch&go=Go#/​media/​File:Maturantski_ples_v_Mariboru_1962_(5).jpg

Fig. 8.7

Video: ‘MATURANTSKA PARADA — 2014 — QUADRILLE 254 PARADE’,6:36,posted online byTomaz Ambroz, Youtube,28May 2014,​watch?v=QoSOpu4Y58w

Chapter 9

Fig. 9.1

Video: ‘Veterani KUD-a Croatia – “hrvatsko salonsko kolo”’, 258 7: 50, posted online by fudoooo1, Youtube, 7 May 2017,​watch?v=OA9D5Zt94HQ; and ‘Goran Knežević-Hrvatsko salonsko kolo, FA Ententin, 1. FFK — Zagreb, 2003’, 7: 48, posted online by Goran Knežević, Youtube, 21 July 2013,​watch?v=J8LOIffuy_0

Fig. 9.2

Dragutin Weingärtner, Meeting of the Croatian Parliament, 1848, 260 1885. Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Dragutin_Weing%C3%A4rtner,_Hrvatski_sabor_1848._god.jpg

Fig. 9.3

Dance programs preserved at the Museum of the City of 265 Zagreb, with permission from the Zagreb City Museum.

Fig. 9.4

Video: ‘Dani grada Karlovca 2012 (07–3): Rođendanski 278 bal — valcer’, 13: 24, posted online by MaPisKA047, Youtube, 13 August 2012,​watch?v=-wH873n5EU4

Fig. 9.5

Video: ‘Valceri, Polke i druge špelancije 2016’, 1: 18: 08, posted 279 online by Hrvatska radiotelevizija, Youtube, 7 July 2017,​watch?v=pnhihJ7Lab0

Chapter 10

Fig. 10.1

Josef Kriehuber, Johann Strauss the Elder, 1835. Lithograph. 285 Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​Category:Johann_Strauss_I#/​media/​File:Strau%C3%9FVaterLitho.jpg

Fig. 10.2

Johann Poppel, Das Stadttheater in Hamburg (after C.A. Lill), 290 published by Berendschenschen Buch & Kunsthandlung, Hamburg, c.1842. Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Hamburg_Stadttheater_c1842.jpg

Fig. 10.3

Charles Wilda, Der Ball, 1906. Wikimedia Commons, Public 297 Domain,​wiki/​File:Charles-Wilda_Joseph-Lanner-und-Johann-Strauss_1906.jpg

Fig. 10.4

Wilhelm E. A. von Schlieben, Map of Hamburg (in the 305 East) and Altona/Ottensen (in the West) in 1833,​hamburg/​karten_umgebung/​files/​1833_neue_geographie_300dpi.jpeg. Image courtesy of Christian Terstegge, Public Domain.

Fig. 10.5

Jacob Petersen, The Steamship Frederik den Siette, 1838. 308 Landesmuseum, Schleswig, Germany. Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​Jacob_Petersen_(maler)#/​media/​Fil:Ship_Frederik_den_Siette_by_


Fig. 10.6

Audio: ‘Eisenbahn-Lust-Walzer, Op. 89’, 7: 35, posted 312 online by Slovak State Philharmonic Orchestra — Topic, Youtube, 16 August 2018,​watch?v=q_k2kuhG0BM

Chapter 11

Fig. 11.1

Photo by Olev Mihkelmaa (2009), Kihnu, Estonia. © ERA DF 332 28313.

Fig. 11.2

Photo by Anu Vissel (1985), Linaküla village, Kihnu, Estonia. 333 © ERA Foto 14172.

Fig. 11.3

Photo by photo by Mikk, TRÜ (1954), Kihnu, Estonia. © ERA 334 Foto 2530.

Chapter 12

Fig. 12.1

Photo by Henning Anderson (1882). Public Domain. 344

Fig. 12.2

Oscar Wergeland, Riksforsamlingen på Eidsvoll 1814, 1885. 285 346 x 400 cm. Parliament of Norway Building, Oslo. Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​Norwegian_Constituent_Assembly#/​media/​File:Eidsvoll_riksraad_1814.jpeg

Fig. 12.3

Edward Daniel Clarke, Travels in Various Countries of Europe, 347 Asia and Africa, vol. 10 (London: T. Cadell and W. Davies, 1824), part 3, p. 166. Library of Norwegian Centre for Traditional Music and Dance.

Fig. 12.4

E. Lange, August Bournonville, before 1879. Wikimedia 350 Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:August_Bournonville_by_E._Lange.jpg#/​media/​File:August_Bournonville_by_E._Lange.jpg

Fig. 12.5

Photo owned by Ingeborg Isdal Løkken, CC BY-NC. 352

Fig. 12.6

Svae Bedehus and its congregation at Skiptvedt, 1902. Public 353 Domain.

Fig. 12.7

Den Frilynde Ungdomsrørsla. Norigs Ungdomslag i 25 År, ed. by 353 Sven Moren and Edvard Os (Oslo: Norigs Ungdomslag, 1921), p. 265. Public Domain.

Fig. 12.8

Photo by Karl August Berg, Folkets Hus, Løkken (c.1919). 354 Public Domain.

Fig. 12.9

Video: ‘Reinlender 2 — Landsfestivalen 2013’, 3: 42, posted 355 online by norsound, Youtube, 21 July 2013,​watch?v=cY7WHpd_nvQ

Fig. 12.10

Video: ‘Valdres springar’, 2: 35, posted online by Lars R 355 Amundsen, Youtube, 24 December 2015,​watch?v=Ijq5RYxIGz4

Fig. 12.11

Postcard, Torsnes Arbeiderlag (1902). Public Domain. 358

Fig. 12.12

Cover of Sven Moren and Edvard Os, eds, Den Frilynde 363 Ungdomsrørsla. Norigs Ungdomslag i 25 År (Oslo: Norigs Ungdomslag, 1921). Public Domain.

Fig. 12.13

Den Frilynde Ungdomsrørsla, Norigs Ungdomslag i 25 År, ed. by 367 Sven Moren and Edvard Os (Oslo: Norigs Ungdomslag, 1921), p. 239. Public Domain.

Chapter 13

Fig. 13.1

Video: ‘Victoria & Daniel of Sweden’s Royal Wedding Waltz/ 375 Bröllopsvals’, 4: 15, posted online by 2x7, Youtube, 21 June 2010,​watch?v=xLk977Ktaus

Fig. 13.2

A Drunken Party with Sailors and Their Women Drinking, 387 Smoking, and Dancing Wildly as a Band Plays. Reproduction of an etching by C. H., c. 1825, after George Cruikshank. Wellcome Collection, CC BY 4.0,​works/​y4vwqhg7

Chapter 14

Fig. 14.1

Postcard (unknown author), c.1905. Image from the Nuutti 398 Kanerva Collection. Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Valtionhotellin_laivalaituri,_Valtionhotellin_tanssi-_ja_soittolava,_circa_1905_PK0059.jpg?uselang=fi#file

Fig. 14.2

Photo by Väinö Kannisto (1945). Helsinki City Museum, CC 403 BY 4.0,​search/​record/​?search=tanssi&page=14

Fig. 14.3

Photo by Sari Hovila (2011), CC BY 4.0,​wiki/​Tiedosto:Pyh%C3%A4salmi.jpg

Chapter 15

Fig. 15.1

Detail of Map from CIA World Factbook 2009. Wikimedia 426 Commons, Public Domain,​wiki/​File:Croatia_Transportation.jpg#/​media/​File:Croatia_Transportation.jpg

Fig. 15.2

Poster for Potresujkom po Čehovu, 2008, with the permission of 428 the author Nikola Šubić (Shuba), all rights reserved,​gallery/​original/​20280/​

Fig. 15.3

Video: ‘Jadranka Pilčić-Zlatko Franović: Potresuljka 430 (Grobinščina)’, 3: 09, posted online by dusanmusic1, Youtube, 11 June 2013,​watch?v=Md3jaV2GkSQ

Fig. 15.4

Video: ‘bela nedeja-kastav 2014- pumpa band- škola potresujke’, 430 11: 20, posted online by valter pecman, Youtube, 4 October 2014,​watch?v=p14Kd3hDI8E

Fig. 15.5

Video: ’Potresujka-Mirela i Zub. MTS’, 1: 25, posted online by 430 biba121212, Youtube, 29 February 2012,​watch?v=24YniJPnP7o

Fig. 15.6

Video: ‘Ivana Marčelja i Tomi Kresevič, Potresujka’, 3: 01, 430 posted by Zoran Ventin, Youtube, 21 January 2014,​watch?v=k2T6wwvv3rA

Fig. 15.7

Video: ‘Potresujkom po Cehovu’, 5: 14, posted online by 430 etnokor, Youtube, 15 April 2009,​watch?v=1Xxd4bygisY

Fig. 15.8

Video: ‘Linda Gizdulic, Grobnicke Alpe’, 4: 16, posted online 430 by Marin1975, Youtube, 31 March 2008,​watch?v=sg1RFKgMxes

Fig. 15.9

Video: ‘Global Kryner — Y Asi — Austria 2005’, 3: 06, posted 430 online by primadonna11, Youtube, 8 November 2006,​watch?v=9VdFY6vFiU0

Fig. 15.10

Video: ‘Hej mala opla — Werner in Brigita Šuler’, 3: 03, posted 430 online by Brigita Šuler, Youtube, 12 June 2007,​watch?v=z8KV-KdY0ds&feature=related


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