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Yeats's Mask

Margaret Mills Harper
Warwick Gould

Publication Received

Texte intégral

Arrington, Lauren, W B. Yeats, The Abbey Theatre, Censorship, and the Irish State: Adding the Halfpence to the Pence (Oxford: Oxford University Press [Oxford English Monographs Series], 2010), pp. x + 210.

Fran Brearton and Alan Gillis (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Modern Irish Poetry (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012), pp. xx + 723. Contains numerous Yeats-related articles, e.g., Matthew Campbell, ‘Recovering Ancient Ireland’, 3-19; Warwick Gould ‘Yeats and Symbolism’, 20-41; Edna Longley, ‘W. B. Yeats: Poetry and Violence’, 95-110; Edward Larissy, ‘Yeats, Eliot, and the Idea of Tradition’, 113-29; Neil Corcoran, ‘Modern Irish Poetry and the Visual Arts: Yeats to Heaney’, 251-65; Hugh Huaghton, ‘The Irish Poet as Critic’, 513-33; Steven Matthews, ‘The Poet as Anthologist’, 534-47; Jahan Ramazani, ‘Irish Poetry and the News’, 548-64; Stephen Regan, ‘Irish Elegy after Yeats’, 588-606, etc. DOI,

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