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Simplified Signs: A Manual Sign-Communication System for Special. Volume 1

John D. Bonvillian
Nicole Kissane Lee
Tracy T. Dooley
et al.

Appendix A. Sign Language Dictionaries and Other Sources

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1The following is a listing of the sign language dictionaries and other sources we consulted when selecting the initial 1000 signs to use in the Simplified Sign System:

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22Loncke, F., Nijs, M., & Smet, L. (1998). Spreken met ondersteuning van gebaren: Het handboek [Manual signing supporting speech: The handbook]. Leuven, Belgium: Garant.

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41World Federation of the Deaf, Unification of Signs Commission (ed.). (1975). Gestuno: International Sign Language of the deaf. Carlisle, England: The British Deaf Association on behalf of The World Federation of the Deaf.


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