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Yeats's Mask

Margaret Mills Harper
Warwick Gould


Karen E. Brown, The Yeats Circle, Verbal and Visual Relations in Ireland, 1880–1939 (Farnham: Ashgate, 2011), pp. xiv + 189.

Tom Walker

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Nineteenth- and twentieth-century Irish cultural history has tended to concentrate on literary matters. Yet in recent years the island’s visual and material culture has started to be given more historical and critical attention. Examples include the landmark histories of Irish museums and exhibitions by Marie Bourke and Fintan Cullen, and a 2011 special issue of the journal Éire-Ireland on ‘Irish Things’ edited by Paige Reynolds, not to mention some of the intersections explored in volumes four and five of The Oxford History of the Irish Book, helped along – one might speculate – by various technological advancements in the documentation, reproduction and circulation of relevant images.

Amidst what might come to seem like a more general corrective turn in Irish studies, Karen E. Brown’s ambitious interdisciplinary study considers the visual alongside the verbal. It aims to do so through five ‘case studies’ of the interaction between word and image, moving from the Cultural Revival of...



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