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Discourses We Live By

Hazel R. Wright
Marianne Høyen

Organization of the Book

Texte intégral

1The personal and professional narratives in this book are grouped into seven sections that each takes a different slant on everyday discourses.

2There are four distinctive but complementary chapters in each section, and these are preceded by introductory notes that provide an overview and rationale for the section and describe the content and purpose of the individual narrative accounts placed within it.

3However, each chapter is fully referenced and complete and can be read independently from those with which it is associated, or alongside other chapters in the book. The sectional structure of the book is laid out below, with further information available in the first chapter, ‘Narrative, Discourse, and Biography: An Introductory Story’. Consider, too, the final chapter, ‘Learning from Narratives, Discourses and Biographical Research’, that draws attention to the new knowledge to be gleaned from a comprehensive reading of the different chapters.

4The seven sections are:

I. Discourses We Live Within: Frameworks that Structure
II. Discourses We Work Within: Of the Workplace
III. Discourses We Work Through: Challenges to Overcome
IV. Discourses We Work Around: Managing Constraining
V. Discourses that Explore or Reveal Diversity: Facing Choice and Change
VI. Discourses to Support Diversity: Projects that Empower
VII. Discourses Through a Self-Reflexive Lens: Thoughts from


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