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Discourses We Live By

Hazel R. Wright
Marianne Høyen


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Photo by Tom Perkins, CC-BY 4.0

1 As editors, we would like to thank the thirty-five authors whose work appears in this volume for their collective efforts in making this a successful publication and their patience during the lengthy preparatory stages prior to publication. They have provided us with interesting and well-thought-out chapters, and those whose native tongue is other than English, have translated not only their own texts and their narrative data, but also the literature that they cite, making their material readily accessible in a common language to all our readers. For this, also, we are grateful.

2We thank Alessandra Tosi and her team of editors and IT experts at Open Book Publishing — particularly Lucy, Luca, Laura and Anna — for helping us to create and disseminate this varied and lengthy coverage of the narratives around discourses in private and professional spaces. Doing this successfully has been a challenging but worthwhile process, and we hope that you will find it a stimulating read.

3Special thanks are due to Tom Perkins ( for taking and editing the photographs that introduce each section, which, as some of you may recognize, pursue a European theme in keeping with the spatial range of the book. We are grateful, too, for permission to use another of his photographs on the cover. Thanks also to Katie Wright for creating the graphic illustrations from the authors’ originals. We are very grateful to AUFF (the funding arm of Aarhus University, Denmark) for providing financial support for this open access publication.

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Crédits Photo by Tom Perkins, CC-BY 4.0
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