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On History

Jules Michelet


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1Flora Kimmich translates from French and German. Her translation of Gustav Droysen’s monumental nineteenth-century classic History of Alexander the Great [Geschichte Alexanders des Grossen]—the first into English—was published in 2012 by the American Philosophical Society.

2Lionel Gossman, M. Taylor Pyne Professor emeritus of Romance Languages at Princeton University, is the author of books on Edward Gibbon, Augustin Thierry, Jacob Burckhardt, J.J. Bachofen, and the eighteenth-century French medievalist La Curne de Sainte-Palaye. He has also written on theoretical issues in historiography and on topics in European literature and cultural history.

3Edward K. Kaplan is Kevy and Hortense Kaiserman Professor in the Humanities at Brandeis University. He is the author of two books and numerous articles on Michelet and the editor of L’Insecte and L’Oiseau in Paul Viallaneix’s great 21-volume scholarly edition of Michelet’s Oeuvres complètes. He has also published translations of Baudelaire as well as a biography and several influential studies of the modern Jewish theologian Abraham Heschel.


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