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On History

Introduction to World History (1831); Opening Address at the Faculty of Letters, 9 January 1834; Preface to History of France (1869)

Traduttore: Flora Kimmich, Lionel Gossman e Kaplan Edward K.

Edited by Lionel Gossman, this volume contains three programmatic essays by Michelet. The first two are available here for the first time in English translation. The third, the Preface to the 1869 edition of the Histoire de France, originally published in its first English translation by Edward K. kaplan in his Michelet's Poetic Vision (1977), has been revised by the translator for this volume.

One of the greatest Romantic historians and immensely popular during his lifetime, Jules Mic...

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  • Editore : Open Book Publishers
  • Collana : Open Book Classics | 1
  • Luogo di pubblicazione : Cambridge
  • Anno di pubblicazione : 2013
  • Pubblicato su OpenEdition Books : 01 juin 2015
  • EAN (edizione cartacea) : 9781909254701
  • EAN digitale : 9782821854093
  • Numero di pagine : vi-167 p.


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