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Peace and Democratic Society

Amartya Sen

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1In 2011/2012 the Commonwealth Secretariat is planning to take forward an extensive programme of action in the area of Civil Paths to Peace (CPP) including the following initiatives:

Pilot ‛youth dialogue and action forums’ in Commonwealth countries to facilitate discussions and actions on CPP issues in order to promote understanding, respect, tolerance and a culture of peaceful coexistence through dialogue and inclusive activities.
A resource pack on CPP. The proposed resource pack will have teaching and training modules on the CPP related topics such as respect and understanding, multiple identities, tolerance, conflict, violence and dialogue etc. It will be developed on a learner-centred-methodology where students and trainees will use games, role plays, stories, and exercises to learn and practice the CPP concepts and values by actually engaging in these activities.
Training programmes for Commonwealth journalists. A set of training programmes are proposed to be developed for the Commonwealth journalists and media personnel on CPP related topics such as ‛responsible reporting of conflicts’, ‛skills for developing multiple narratives’, ‛promoting a culture of tolerance through media’, and ‛role of media in confidence building’ etc.
A publication on CPP Good practices in the Commonwealth countries. The proposed book will showcase case studies where youth, women, education and media have played a positive role in preventing conflicts and promoting peace. This reference book will be used in CPP education and training programmes.
Further information about these developments, together with other digital resources related to the Civil Paths to Peace and this publication, will be available from the Peace and Democratic Society page on the Open Book Publishers website:​product.php/​78


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