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Living Earth Community

Sam Mickey
Mary Evelyn Tucker
John Grim

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Fig. A1 Garden Aerial. Oak Springs Garden Foundation House,
Upperville, Virgina. Photograph by Max Smith (2018), CC BY.
Fig. A2 Morning Garden. Oak Spring Garden Foundation, Upperville,
Virginia. Photograph by Max Smith (2018), CC BY.
Fig. 1 Earthrise. Photo by William Anders (1968), Wikimedia, public domain,​wiki/​File:NASA_Earthrise_AS08-14-2383_Apollo_8_1968-12-24.jpg xxviii
Fig. 2 Sandhill Crane in Flight, near Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge, Baily Country, Texas. Photo by Leaflet (2009), Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,​wiki/​Grus_canadensis#/​media/​File:Sandhill_Crane_Bailey_County_Texas_2009.jpg 9
Fig. 3.1 Transcription of R. A. L. (Tony) Batley’s recording, by Dr. Martin Fellows Hatch, Emeritus Professor, Musicology, and Dr. Christopher J. Miller, Senior Lecturer/Performer, Cornell University (2015). 20
Fig. 3.2 NGA HURUHURU RANGATIRA, sculpture by Robert Jahnke (2016), Palmerston North, New Zealand. Photograph by Julianne Lutz Warren (2016). 22
Fig. 3.3 ‘The Place’, Museum of the North, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Alaska. Photograph by Julianne Lutz Warren (2015). 29
Fig. 4 Suspension Bridge in Cloud Forest Near Mindo, Ecuador. Photo by Ayacop (2007), Wikimedia, public domain,​wiki/​File:Mindo-Cloud-Forest-15.jpg#/​media/​File:Mindo-Cloud-Forest-15.jpg 53
Fig. 5 Yamuna River, near the Himalayas. Photo by Alexey Komarov (2015), Wikimedia, CC BY 3.0,​wiki/​File:Yamuna_River_-_panoramio_(2).jpg#/​media/​File:Yamuna_River_-_panoramio_(2).jpg 83
Fig. 6 Central Californian Coastline, Big Sur. Photo by David Iliff (2017), Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,​wiki/​File:Central_Californian_Coastline,_Big_Sur_-_May_2013.jpg#/​media/​File:Central_Californian_Coastline,_Big_Sur_-_May_2013.jpg 121
Fig. 7 Bears Ears National Monument, San Juan County, Utah. Photo by Terry Tempest Williams (2019). 158
Fig. 8 Totemic Sentry, Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada. Photo by Jason Hall (2008), CC BY. 161
Fig. 9 Pedra Azul Milky Way. Photo by Eduardo M.S. Neves (2017), Wikimedia, CC BY SA 4.0,​wiki/​File:Pedra_Azul_Milky_Way.jpg#/​media/​File:Pedra_Azul_Milky_Way.jpg 203


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