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Open Book Publishers is a Social Enterprise run by scholars who are committed to making high-quality research available to readers around the world. They publish monographs and textbooks in the Humanities and Social Sciences, and offer the academic excellence of a traditional press, with the speed, convenience and accessibility of digital publishing.

OBP is changing the nature of the traditional academic book. Books are published in hardback, paperback, PDF and eBook editions, but they also include a free online edition that can be read via their website, or embedded anywhere. They are proud to say that their online editions are currently being accessed by thousands of readers each month in over 140 countries. In addition, the digital publishing model allows them to extend their books well beyond the printed page. On their website, they produce online supplementary material, including extra chapters, reviews, links, image galleries and other digital resources — these can be found on the individual product page for each book.


40 Devonshire Road
CB1 2BL Cambridge
United Kingdom

+44 (0)1223 339929


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