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Love and Intrigue

Friedrich Schiller

Act Three

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First Minister von Walter, attended by Secretary Wurm. Engraving by Wilhelm Hecht from a woodcut by Heinrich Lossow, Schillers Werke illustrirt von ersten deutschen Künstlern (Leipzig and Stuttgart, 1877). University of Virginia. Image in the public domain.

Scene One

Antechamber in the First Minister’s suite

The First Minister and Secretary Wurm enter.

FIRST MINISTER. A dirty trick.

WURM. As I feared, my Lord. Force always embitters enthusiasts but never will convert them.

FIRST MINISTER. I’d put all my hopes in that line of attack. I reasoned so: If the girl is disgraced, he as an officer will have to give her up.

WURM. Excellent. But it should have come to a disgrace.

FIRST MINISTER. When I consider now in cold blood: I should not have taken his bait. He merely threatened; he never would have followed through.

WURM. Don’t believe that. Irritated passion is capable of any foolishness. You tell me the Major has always had his doubts about your regime. I can believe it. The principles he brou...

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