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Conservation Biology in Sub-Saharan Africa

John W. Wilson
Richard B. Primack

Appendix A

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Selected Sources of Information

Searchable databases provide a convenient way to find information on species, places, and topics. With the help of citizen scientists, these databases are rapidly expanding. Below are a few online databases that are free to use. Many also allow users to contribute their own data.

Biodiversity A-Z

᛫ A thesaurus for biodiversity terminology.

Conservation Training

᛫ Free conservation-based training materials, provided by TNC.

Copenhagen databases of African vertebrates​resources/​african-vertebrates

᛫ Distribution maps for Africa’s mammals, birds, snakes, and amphibians.


᛫ Citizen science platform for the global birding community.

Encyclopaedia of Life

᛫ Developing resource documenting the biology of all species known to science.


᛫ Comprehensive information on sustainability standards.

Global Biodiversity Information Facility

᛫ Free and open access to biodiversity data.

Global Register of Introduced and Invasive Species (GRIIS)

᛫ Information about invasive species.


᛫ A citizen science project that collects distribution data on all species.

Learning for Nature

᛫ e-Learning resource by the UNDP.


᛫ A leading environmental news source.


᛫ A free online database for animal tracking data

Protected Planet

᛫ Comprehensive global spatial dataset on protected areas.

PADD tracker

᛫ Monitors protected area downgrading, downsizing, and degazettement.


᛫ Provides information on species covered by multilateral environmental agreements.

Vital Signs

᛫ Collects and integrates data on agriculture, ecosystems, and human well-being.


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