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Conservation Biology in Sub-Saharan Africa

John W. Wilson
Richard B. Primack


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We sincerely appreciate the contributions of everyone who helped ensure that this project was a success. In particular, we would like to thank Peter Ryan for his guidance and support throughout the project, Abe Miller-Rushing for writing several boxes and providing editorial input, and the Richard Lounsbery Foundation for funding support. Peter Ryan, David Cumming, and Adrian Shrader provided invaluable reviews to ensure the content is accurate and pitched at the right level for conservation students. We would also like to recognise the support from Nigel Bennett, Duan Biggs, Meg Boeni, Israel Borokini, and Mike Scantlebury at various stages of the project. Additional input on ex situ conservation was provided by Dalia Amor Conde, Johanna Staerk, and Simeon Smeele at Species360, while Peter Maniloff provided input on environmental economics. We thank all our photographers and box authors for their willingness to contribute to this work. Alessandra Tosi, Rupert Gatti, and the rest of the staff at Open Book Publishers helped to transform the manuscript into a finished product. Lastly, a special thanks to Lesley Starke and Margaret Primack for their encouragement, support, advice, and input throughout the project.


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