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Engaging Researchers with Data Management

Connie Clare
Maria Cruz
Elli Papadopoulou
et al.

III. How to Use this Cookbook

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1This infographic (Table I, left) has been designed to help you to navigate case studies of interest, and to select those most suitable for implementation within your research institution. Just like a cookbook recipe, we provide a list of ‘key ingredients’ in a graphical format: the elements you’ll need to successfully implement each initiative.

2In addition, we also provide a table (Table II, below) with a quick overview of all case studies and recipes (ingredients) necessary to implement them. You can use this quick overview to navigate directly to cases which might be most relevant to the situation at your institution (for example, the amount of resources available to you to engage with researchers).

Table II. Overview of all cases and their key ingredients,

CC BY 4.0.

Table II. (continued from previous page).

Table des illustrations

Légende Table II. Overview of all cases and their key ingredients,
Crédits CC BY 4.0.
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Légende Table II. (continued from previous page).
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